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I will never play another game that doesn't have controller support.
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Kinda hate Nvida for pulling a fast one like this...Was thinking of a 770
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DARQ MX199/13/2013
Is there going to be a Steam 10th anniversary sale?
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So I'm looking to buy a super cheap, super simple laptop.
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Dodgeball Boy119/13/2013
is this good deal?dennis94101299/13/2013
should I get 2x GTX 760 ? or one GTX 780 ?Madridiq8e109/13/2013
About how much would I need for a solid gaming computer?Pachuloz59/13/2013
How does this rig lookdmccappin99/13/2013
I prefer to play all my PC games with a controller.
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How many PC games do you own?
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A few questions regarding System Shock 2Senkoy69/13/2013
Program to verify equipment is on a network?rabbi_baby89/13/2013
Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain coming to PCNfuzedXGamer109/13/2013
I'm experiencing screen tearing when streaming HD videosgsf4lyfe69/13/2013
I never manually installed drivers before.happyscrub159/13/2013
rate this buildEli_Sama79/13/2013
Wired 360 Controller Vibration issues ........... odd....shadowofomioc79/13/2013
Where can I get Windows XP for a new build
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uwa ej429/13/2013
Are there any space sims like X3/Rebirth that has a heavy emphasis on Mechs?
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What's a good piece of video editing software?
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