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Did Valve just give mad props to ETS2, or is it tailored to individual games?
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They should have teased HL3 as well.occono69/27/2013
Best guess for Valve's final reveal?
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Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs doesn't deserve the hate.
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This week's announcements, in retrospectOrestes41719/27/2013
I logged on my steam account and saw a couple of games I didn't own beforeRemixDeluxe69/27/2013
I mow know why MS is closely watching Valve
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After the R9volutionary 290x announcement, theirs no reason to go nvidiaTrance_Fan39/27/2013
Your current chance of getting into the valve hardware Beta.Binba44259/27/2013
So... Can we play music through this gamepad or what?NotQuiteAFreak49/27/2013
need help looked everywhereSergei_Dukanov79/27/2013
i7 users - Do you leave Hyperthreading enabled?
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3rd Steam Living Room Announcement: Steam Controllern00bifier49/27/2013
Where is the shutdown button in Windows 8?
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Need a good routeraPCplayer49/27/2013
Solid bluetooth adapter for PS3 controller?R_Jackal39/27/2013
Sli 770 or Single Titan?MightySandvich109/27/2013
What are some good cloud storage services?Bazooka_Penguin39/27/2013
Any good indie RPG's of the free kind I'm missing?
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Is my PC ready for the next gen or is it time to start upgrading?Koga31669/27/2013