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What are the current reliable budget SSD choices right now below $90?Volebamus28/5/2013
Advice on a Computer Monitor or Small TV for dual-screen setup?KoreanKidd38/5/2013
Got a new laptop. Downgrade to Windows 7 or stick with 8?LiL_Jigga108/5/2013
Does Steam Mover simply move the game or does it move and reference it?
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What do you guys think of my build?GalaxyNexus98/5/2013
What happens if I have 8GB of RAM in a single stick with a 32-bit OS?ChromaticAngel78/5/2013
have you guys been playing around with beamNG's tech demo/alpha?Grimlink13258/5/2013
Can anyone recommend me a laptop that can run PayDay 2 at medium-high settings?progamer66478/5/2013
Half-Life Three is a real thing?
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Been outta the loop for a bit, what's the status on microstutter and AMD?
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Potential Build for a Friendzitomerds68/5/2013
Best NHL game for PC?
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How do I get the free game with a purchase of my EVGA GTX 760 from Amazon?bsballa0998/5/2013
What should I look out for when purchasing a new monitor?MightySandvich78/5/2013
So I want to build a rig with the components I want without putting it togetherPathlessBullet98/5/2013
Do "indie" games over estimate requirements?CammyApple88/5/2013
Which of these two would run these games better?Binba44288/5/2013
Mid vs Full tower cases
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If I liked Hitman absolution will I like Dishonored?
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Kinda New to PC gaming
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