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Would putting these parts together be good for a gaming PC?Aaron20b48/1/2012
Need help choosing a new pair of Headphones...
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Could someone help me choose a graphics card from this website for around 120lbsLandman68/1/2012
How is this laptop?Ironsoul98/1/2012
Oh man, finally got a gaming rig...i thinkszunega108/1/2012
That didn't take long. SWTOR now F2P.
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As a PC gamer, rank the three current home consoles.
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other than me, who else has/had a god tier dual gpu videocard?
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Steam GOTY titleswestfall9047/31/2012
will a bluray drive player bluray movies from multiple regions?lambchips17/31/2012
Article: Bethesda Have Rights To STALKER
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Anyone ever buy those cheap Siberia V2s from Hong Kong?urmomishawt0437/31/2012
I want to bite on this, but I'm scared. Anybody with visiontek experience?TheEmoBoyToy107/31/2012
Steam Subscriber Agreement Update - Opinions?BigKahuna38107/31/2012
So I unplugged something and can't figure out which way it went back.Soljah37/31/2012
So would Prime95 be an accurate test if I'm browsing GameFaqs while it's runningXeeh_Bitz47/31/2012
Do your hands sweat too much when gaming? Heres a mouse with a fan on it!
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Anyone have any experience with the Corsair M90?Greendragon85457/31/2012
Resistance and Liberation worth a download?Ragdoll4717/31/2012
Should I buy this vid card?MightyAimetti8767/31/2012