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How to make only voice chat come through headset? And game audio through speakerGwynsSonSolaire69/1/2013
On my keyboard there are volume controls, but they dont do what I want.angermngment10119/1/2013
i had a chance to buy a $5 120GB SSD but various factors made me ditch it...AsucaHayashi49/1/2013
Computer shut off, won't start back up. LED on mobo is green. Any ideas?Daz_QS109/1/2013
Is it weird that I'm bored of video games?
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Just bought Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlinesgsf4lyfe99/1/2013
Could someone clarify this for me? Corsair K70 question.ajko00079/1/2013
Can my 13'' Macbook Pro handle a 27 inch 2560x1440 monitor?Star_Nuts89/1/2013
The Razer Edge Pro is awesome!Conker59/1/2013
Is there any way to reduce the amount of force needed to click mouse button 3?Mwulf69/1/2013
Corsair k65 thoughts?
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fps counter overlay w/ gpu/cpu temps?Benjamin_Button48/31/2013
Classic Shell or Start 8?
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How the heck so I learn to play Football Manager
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is this a crap pc for $200?
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Newegg has 7990 for 599 after rebate with 8 free games.
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Desktop broke and I can play only old games on my crappy laptopFimble_the_mage108/31/2013
Is this a good keyboardGwynsSonSolaire78/31/2013
noticable difference between 5400 and 7200rpm ?Darkneo2048/31/2013
Whats a good keyboard and a precise FPS mouse?GwynsSonSolaire68/31/2013