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Is Amazon not offering the free game deal with the purchase of a GTX 970 GPU? (Archived)GuilmonDX411/6 8:09PM
I am back and I have my oculus rift dk2 now. Ask me any questions (Archived)MaryJHappy111/6 7:48PM
Divine Divinity contrasted to Titans Quest (Archived)Krakencat611/6 7:24PM
How's this build looking? (Help me help a friend build a gaming desktop.) (Archived)
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ajko0001711/6 7:24PM
looking fpr RPGs with great quest (Archived)
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apolloooo3111/6 7:17PM
Anyone use the new Elgato capture card? (Archived)Merc123211/6 6:43PM
Your favorite game beginning with the letter: L (Series topic) (Archived)
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moonflow2137311/6 5:50PM
Well looks like a new pc is in my future.. Need help (Archived)
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BlindtoDream1111/6 5:20PM
My PC time and timezone changed itself today...should I be worry? (Archived)
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doraemonllh19891411/6 5:11PM
Would you change a hard drive after a certain number of years? (Archived)nurnberg311/6 5:11PM
Has anyone made experiences with a "glare display" and recommends it? (Archived)AuroraChiquita411/6 5:10PM
do you consider yourself an offensive pc gamer (Archived)GameVisions411/6 5:08PM
amd bundles civ beyond earth with r290 (Archived)
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GameVisions1311/6 5:08PM
For people with big backlogs, how do you decide what to play next? (Archived)
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locky7232811/6 5:05PM
have you ever backed a pc game on kickstarter (Archived)GameVisions111/6 5:05PM
Would you recommend Morrowind? (Archived)
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MKD882211/6 5:03PM
Want some opinions on this build before I start purchasing. (Archived)Khaos Xero611/6 4:50PM
After uninstalling WinImage, ISOs won't revert back to previous icon/form. (Archived)ajko000211/6 4:45PM
Any suggestions for durable mouse? (Archived)
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lonlonmilklover1811/6 4:39PM
linux server hosting (Archived)TitanStrike511/6 4:07PM