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4 years ago#1
While at a local book/electronics store today, I took a look at their Game Boy selection. They had several rare games I had been looking for, and for only $2.99 each! I was able to scoop up Battle Unit Zeoth, Serpent, and most notably, Kid Dracula. (I still can't believe I pulled that off.)

For the same price, I also purchased something odd: a copy of Ninja Boy that was made in China, and goes under its Japanese moniker (Super Chinese Land). I mainly bought it because Ninja Boy always looked fun, but I'm also curious: is it a pirated cart, or did China actually have official Game Boy games? I can't find much about the subject online, and the posts I've seen about it are sending mixed signals. Some believe they're definitely legit, while others are certain they're fake.

Some info about the cart itself: in a nutshell, if it's a bootleg, it's an extraordinarily well-made one. It has a very vibrant, official-looking label - unlike many fakes, it's not stretched-out or otherwise malformed in any way. Same goes for the cart, which looks identical to an American one; except for a CHN code, some Chinese text on the sides of the label, and "Made in China" markings where the Made in Japan ones should be. The licensed by Nintendo mark, the "original Game Boy game pak" mark, and a European-style Seal of Quality are all present. And finally, the artwork itself is similar to the Japanese cart, only it has a blue/white sunburst background, some enemies, and a friendly-looking ally in addition to Ninja Boy himself.

I know that was a long-ass post, but hey, now you don't have to wait for me to respond with further details. :P Any info would be great!
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4 years ago#2
i have ran into a few of them back in my day.cant really tell you much as i just avoided them just because i dont understand the language.can you take a very close up picture and post so we all can see????also it would be understandable that someone probably imported it and just gave it away but what bothers me is when you said it has the european nintendo logo and not the asian as china is in asia not could be a fake however a very clever it up and see what the board says.
4 years ago#3
Ask and you shall receive! Here's two pics, one of the back and one of the front:

I was also able to find a great piece about Chinese Game Boy games.

My cartridge looks identical to that Mega Man II one, aside from being a different game. Oddly enough though, the game's title screen does appear to be in Japanese, which may be a red flag; but indeed, the game works perfectly fine, and it's quite fun to boot.
Hey, you ever coming back?
You kidding? I am Queens Boulevard.
4 years ago#4
it looks legit.

what does the mother board say???have you opened it up to see if it says made in japan,china,america,korea,etc.....
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4 years ago#6
Looks legit.
I own a Chinese copy of Super Chinese Land 3, though the game itself appears identical to the Japanese version (including original copyright, and Japanese kana text).
Though I have not been able to open mine to confirm.
4 years ago#7
what gets me is the seal of quality.normally they say "official" not "original".this is whats throwing me off a little bit
4 years ago#8
There were a few Irem compilation carts which were exclusive to China. I don't know if they were actually approved by Nintendo, but they look pretty legit.
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4 years ago#9
I think the Taito compilation is the same that was released in Japan as Taito Variety Pack.
4 years ago#10
Good catch regarding original/official! I didn't notice that. It does seem as though all official Chinese Nintendo carts say original, though. As for the motherboard... honestly, I'm too nervous to open my cartridge. I have a feeling that'd end badly. :P

Thanks for all the info, guys! Lots of interesting stuff in this thread. Particularly fascinating is the 4-in-1 cart that has Tetris, Tennis, Yakuman and Alleyway on it. Nintendo isn't exactly known for multi-game compilations like that, so it's a very cool oddity.
Hey, you ever coming back?
You kidding? I am Queens Boulevard.
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