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11 years ago#1
This way, you won’t have those grumpy old geezers on the board whining that you made a question topic. Ha!

Ah, the late 80s and early 90s. In those days spirits were brave, the stakes were high, men were real men, women were real women and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri were real small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri. But after a few years those stinkin’ gameboxes quit working right.

0 Table of Contents
1) NES not working?
2) Types of NESes
3) Finding Games
4) Game Rarity
5) Emulation
6) Imported/Foreign Games
7) Missing Cables?
8) NES Accessories
9) Zapper Games
10) Three to Four player games
11) Power Pad Games
12) Miscellaneous

1) NES not working?

Is your NES blinking or are you only getting a gray screen? Then you probably need to clean your games. Accomplish this by using a Q-tip (cotton swab) and dipping it in alcohol then rubbing it on the game’s contacts. Repeat until Q-tip comes out clean. Then dry with another Q-tip.

Or you could bend the pins on your 72-pin Connector

Or you could replace your 72-pin Connector.

2) Types of NESes

The front loading NES is the common, first form of the NES. Sometimes referred to as a “Toaster.” The Japanese equivalent was the Famicom. IT can only output RF and AV. No s-video. Picture:

The top loading NES (Referred to simply as the “Top Loader”) was released in 1993 to counter the shoddy part quality of the original NES and to rejuvenate NES sales. Originally released for a cool 50 dollars and included two revised NES controllers that are similar to the SNES controllers (referred to as “Dog bone” controllers) it now goes for somewhere between 50 to 100 dollars on Ebay. The Japanese equivalent was the Famicom AV. Can only output RF, not AV or s-video. Picture:

Many other after market NESes are available. They are usually top loading and occasionally look better than the good ole toaster. They are usually cheap remakes, but if you want one go ahead and buy one.
Picture: (this is only one of many designs)

3) Finding Games

You can’t exactly walk into a Wal-Mart and find NES GamePaks sitting on the shelves. So you have to resort to hunting through Garage Sales, Flea Markets, Pawn Shops, GoodWills, EB Games, Gamestops, and the every annoying Ebay.

4) Game Rarity

Occasionally you’ll see a game you’ve never heard of and you want to know if it’s rare or you just have been living under a rock.

There are rarity guides available and price guides too. Mind you these prices aren’t set in stone.

5) Emulation

Emulation is basically using programs designed to simulate old hardware, on new hardware. One such case would be running NES games on your personal computer. Emulators themselves are not illegal, ROMS are. So don’t ask for them, places to get them, or anything in between. It is a rather sensitive subject. Even asking if people use roms will probably bring up a fight. So, please just don’t do it.

6) Imported/Foreign Games

You can’t play PAL games on your NTSC (US, Japan, etc) NES.
Famicom games use 60 pins. NES games use 72 pins because of the lockout chip. You’ll need a converter to run Famicom games on your NES.
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11 years ago#2
7) Missing Cables?

You can buy new cables from or you could use a set of Audio/Video wires to plug into the side of your NES. If you have a stereo TV you’ll probably have to buy a “Y-wire” to send the MONO sound signal to both speakers. Ooh, artificial stereo!

8) NES Accessories
For pictures try

NES Advantage – Arcade style controller for the NES. One of the better controller options out there.
NES FourScore – An adapter allowing 1 – 4 people to play a game. Has turbo switches for A and B.
NES Max – A controller with more a “winged” appearance and a round D-pad. Also includes turbo buttons
PowerPad – A floor mat that allowed you to exercise while playing. Stepping on buttons on the pad made certain things happen in-game.
R.O.B. – ROB (or Robotic Operating Buddy) is a rather unique device. It was a robot designed to correspond with action in-game that originally came in some NES sets. It’s two games (Gyromite and Stack Up) had ROB doing certain tasks like moving objects. Not a real success. Nintendo quickly removed it from NES sets and the thing died off too soon. More of a novelty than anything really.
NES Satellite – This is the other device that allowed up to four players. It was a wireless (infrared – like a remote) one at that too. With Turbo and a range of supposedly 15 feet (if I remember correctly). Ran off 6 “C” batteries and worked without being level to the receiver, as long as it was somewhat lined up.
Zapper – The famous NES light gun. Well received and anyone who owned one as a kid has the special “clang” memorized. It worked great without having to be calibrated and came packed in with many NES sets. Came in the original gray and redesigned orange.
PowerGlove – The PowerGlove was a device that would allow someone to control a game just by using their hand. Unfortunately it wasn’t that great. Made a great appearance in The Wizard. A better collector’s item than anything else.
U-Force - A device that allowed you to play games with the use of motion detection (sucked). Wanna one up Tyson? Giv’m a left hook!

9) Zapper Games

In Alphabetical Order:

Adventures of Bayou Billy
Baby Boomer
Barker Bill's Trick Shooting
Duck Hunt
Freedom Force
Hogan's Alley
Laser Invasion
Lone Ranger
Mechanized Attack
Operation Wolf
Shooting Range
To The Earth
Track & Field 2
Wild Gunman

10) Three to Four player games

In Alphabetical Order

Bomberman II
Championship Bowling
Fast Break
Gauntlet II
Golf Power
Harlem Globetrotters
Indy Heat
Kings of the Beach
Monster Truck Rally
Nightmare on Elm Street
Play Action Football
R.C. Pro Am 2
Super Jeopardy
Super Off Road
Superspike Volleyball
Swords and Serpents
The 100 World Story: The Tales on a Watery Wilderness
Top Player Tennis
World Cup

11) Power Pad Games

In Alphabetical Order

Athletic World
Dance Aerobics
Street cop
Stadium Events
Super Team Games
World Class Track Meet
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11 years ago#3
12) Miscellaneous

The last licensed NES game: Wario’s Woods
The last unlicensed NES game: Sunday Funday

The Super Mario Brothers 3 eleven minute speedrun, while isn’t technically impossible, its extremely improbable. The guy who made it worked on it for years. He used an emulator to play the game. He used save states after every frame to pull off everything perfectly. It is possible, but the chances of anyone being able to do it in one go is somewhere around 1 out of (infinity – 1)

Nintendo Entertainment System Modification Links:

Typing in Elite/Leet/1337 speak is NOT cool.
I pity the f00l t@t t@|k liek dI5

NES can be either pronounced letter by letter, N-E-S, or said as one word like Ness.

Original idea by: BASEBALLRULES

Contributed: Solar Jetman 95, knoppy44, ck1387, Goriya, MegamanX, Dycedarq, JookySeaCaptain, Maynard Rules

Reworked version by: LeoDude/LDIncognito
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11 years ago#4
To request a list made by MegaDriveMaster that seperates games into a good/bad/avoid sections just post your emal here.

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11 years ago#5
send me that list, i'll take a look at it.
11 years ago#6
I sent it, oh and remember, not everyone sets their topic setting to 50 per page.
"Ford," he said, "You're turning into a penguin. Stop It."
11 years ago#7
Thanx for the email, regarding your last post, i have no clue what u are talking about, i'm a noobie to all of this.
11 years ago#8
Oh I wasn't talking to you directly. I was just giving a reason for why I was bumping the topic even though it was on my first page. Not everyone sets their options to allow 50 topcs per page. Some stick to 10.(the default if I remember correctly) Since it was the 29th topic that means it was on some people's 2nd page. I was just keeping it so I didn't look like the obsessive bumper that I am.
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11 years ago#9
"Ford," he said, "You're turning into a penguin. Stop It."
11 years ago#10
I spotted another topic that this could have answered.
"Ford," he said, "You're turning into a penguin. Stop It."
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