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If you beat battletoads using the warps can you still say you BEAT battletoads? (Archived)
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neschest258/26 9:46PM
I just picked up '8 eyes' as an impulse buy. Is it good? (Archived)
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kelemvor128/26 9:05PM
I did a piano cover of the Batman intro. (Archived)Mjollnirfalls88/26 1:37PM
The best chiptune bands or nes music cover bands? (Archived)Darkest_Evil88/25 1:51PM
Whats the Name of this Game? (Archived)Qix66638/24 6:39PM
Console Clones and Cartridge question? (Archived)Noke018/23 3:47PM
Does anyone know what this game is? I had it as a kid. (Archived)legaiaflame238/23 11:30AM
Have you punched the screen? (Poll)
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Lvthn238/21 3:23PM
Castlevania, Tetris and Mega Man 2 in amazing and complete condition.. (Archived)VandorLee48/21 11:28AM
Found one for $7! (Archived)theFFVIguy108/21 8:52AM
i wish little samson had a sequel. (Archived)MarioShroomed58/20 8:16AM
I've been trying to beat Ikari warriors without the code for 50 days now. (Archived)
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Whitesburg238/18 1:11PM
Koei learning curves (Uncharted Waters in particular) (Archived)
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Binta188/16 5:42PM
oh yeah, got my NES up and working! (Archived)
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Just sold two NES games on Ebay (Archived)Skittler198738/11 4:09AM
Insering a NES cart (Archived)Killingjoke_66628/10 11:32PM
Some Games That Are Genuinely Bad and Why (Archived)
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Question about game not working (Archived)
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Are you tired of ebay sellers falsely labeling every NES game as *rare* ? (Archived)
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Anrui_218/8 8:03AM
Is your NES system discolored? (Archived)
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Hucast9168/7 8:50PM