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and AVGN continues to obsess over Jekyll & Hyde (Archived)
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New Super Mario Bros 3 bug/Design flaw "never seen" before? (Archived)Rizefall58/2 6:58AM
I wish Nintendo would make... (Archived)
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lilpuddy31178/2 6:54AM
Do you prefer NES action games with infinite continues or not? (Poll)
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slk_23118/2 6:50AM
Is it just me, or is TMNT 3 harder than TMNT 2? (Archived)
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WarGreymon77167/31 8:25PM
Favorite NES soundtrack? (Archived)
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I just bought RC Pro AM 2 (Archived)Anrui_67/28 10:56PM
So, when did they start changing King Koopa's name to Bowser? (Archived)WarGreymon7797/27 4:30PM
NES Games you've beaten (Archived)LorenzoTheComic27/27 2:43AM
Question about about Ninja Gaiden 1 for NES (Archived)Hucast947/26 8:12PM
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Sequels that should have been made for the NES (Archived)
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Joe73ffdq207/25 10:17AM
Are there any controller options for the NES? (Archived)Hucast997/25 7:05AM
Best NES Accomplishment (Archived)
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bruinsfan1979577/24 7:14PM
Hardest NES Game (Archived)
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bruinsfan1979367/24 5:16AM
How would you rank the Macventure games from best to worst? (Archived)Rain_of_Swords97/22 7:31AM
Trying to remember the name of a game. (Archived)vampiremages37/18 3:44AM
Beat it or Die Trying! Live Weekly NES show! 7/1614 (Archived)DanielBERZERK17/16 12:31AM