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Am I making the right decision of buying FFIX over Xenosaga Episode I? (Archived)
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How much would you pay for a used-Like New copy of Parasite Eve? (Archived)
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Ps1 games that work well with analog controls? (Archived)LenKagamine91810/31 9:17AM
What are you playing right now? (Archived)
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Still collect PS1 games? (Archived)
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PS1 games that take up the most Memory Card blocks? (Archived)
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Any game/series you would like to see return/revisited/remade? (Archived)
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No Audio on my PS1 (Archived)
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I noticed the PS1 GameShark (v 2.1) has a port on the back of it... (Archived)WarGreymon77310/23 4:04PM
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Why didn't Sony ever make a 'PS1 Gray' color controller for PS2/PS3? (Archived)WarGreymon77710/22 6:48PM
for people who owned the SNES (Archived)
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