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its really annoying when people don't read the manual and then say a game sucks (Archived)
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Games that suck (Archived)
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Man what happened to cart prices?! (Archived)
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New, Unique Retro Gaming Only Stream! (Archived)RetroRaider18/11 6:52AM
Never thought a game made over almost 2 decades ago would bring me to spend this (Archived)
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So.... I finaly decided to import a Super Famicom but... (Archived)
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Any good import games to try? (Archived)
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I need help IDing an obscure Japanese game *Note extremely vague hint* (Archived)
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Why was Final Fantasy V never released in the states? (Archived)
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In terms of value and buying first as a collector, Megaman X or Super Metroid? (Archived)
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Streaming now! Secret of Evermore (Archived)Flash201438/4 6:04PM
does the game cube av cable work on the snes? (Archived)shadowcat216458/4 12:33PM
GAB About Games #51 - Illusion of Gaia, Rise of the Phoenix, Tinstar (Archived)
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Terotrous318/4 8:38AM
Do you think it's better to leave a cartridge inside the system? (Archived)Hucast978/3 5:47PM
So, which one is better, RF out or Multi out? (Archived)CaioNV48/3 3:23PM
I know there's been a lot of topics about it, but S-Video cables, man... (Archived)WarGreymon7778/3 2:45PM
Should I finish Chrono Trigger, or Final Fantasy 3(6) first? (Archived)
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ViciousXl2158/3 12:14PM
the top 10 Batman games according to GT (Archived)LuigisBro48/3 11:16AM
Best Deal Ever? (Archived)TheFireBird38/3 3:05AM
Help with the order in which I should play these games (Archived)
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