Please rate my collection and recommend any gems

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5 years ago#1
Been collecting for the Pc-engine Duo for years. The reasons for going with the Japanese PCE:-

-I find the Japanese counterpart to be a much more interesting to me. The TGX 16 doesn't have that obscure Japanese charm.
-Games are much cheaper than their USA counterpart.
-Large selection of games.

I've posted my collection on this page, please check it and see how I've done so far:_

Thanks in advance.

Note:The red mark beside the name means that I've beaten the game.
5 years ago#2
Sorry, here is the proper link:_
5 years ago#3
I'm a fellow PCE Duo owner too!

Nice collection you have there.
None of these are undiscovered gems or anything but I do recommend them all.

Atomic Robo-Kid Special
Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes
Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes II
Kaze Kiri: Ninja Action
Magical Chase
Popful Mail: Magical Fantasy Adventure
Valis: Mugen Senshi
Valis 2
Valis 3
Valis 4

I see you have about half the shmup library the PCE has to offer. Ever considered going for the other 50 or so?
5 years ago#4
Thanks for the recommendations. The Valis games (especially part 3 &4) and Dragon Slayer games are on top of my list now.

As for shooters, I've been interested in Coryoon, Steam Hearts, Magical Chase, Violent Soldier, and W-rings. But can never find a decent deal. Rare games for sure. I've heard some good things about Atomic Robo Kid and Lost sun-heart too.
5 years ago#5
PCE certainly is the console to own for classic shmups. Definitely hunt down Magical Case if you can as it is really awesome, top 5 PC Engine shmup material for sure. Expensive yeah but at least its not several thousands of dollars like the TurboGrafx version. No slight graphical bump is worth that amount!

I see you also have Dynastic Hero. So I would recommend the rest of the Wonder Boy series as well.

Bikkuriman World (Wonder Boy in Monster Land)
Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair
Adventure Island (Wonder Boy III: Dragon's Trap)

nice to meet you :)
5 years ago#6
Thanks friend. But I truly regret purchasing the Japanese version of dynastic hero because I can't get past the pharaoh cat's quiz. I am stumped in this part, and can't continue my game. :(

BTW, you mind sharing your collection?
5 years ago#7
Ah I see. In that case Bikkuriman World and Adventure Island might give you the same grief then, well maybe not Bikkuriman because thatís very straight forward but Adventure Island (Wonder Boy III: Dragon's Trap) you may run into the same trouble as Dynastic Hero.

Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair is definitely fair game as its pretty much just a hori shmup. Decent one at that I might add, even if your hit-box is on the larger side.

My collection huh. Tell you the truth, I for the first time in my life obtained a PC Engine Duo just earlier this year, so I have only been collecting games for the console for the last 8 or so months. That being said I have had heaps of experience with the TurboGrafx-16 growing up and would play almost daily at a friends house down the road. But all CD based games are totally new to me.

here we go:

Adventure Island
After Burner II
Akumajou Dracula X: Chi no Rondo
Atomic Robo-Kid Special
Bikkuriman World
Detana! Twinbee
Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes
Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes II
Dynastic Hero
Exile II
Fantastic Night Dreams: Cotton
Fantasy Zone
Final Soldier
Galaga Ď88
Gate of Thunder
Gradius II
Image Fight
Image Fight II
Kaze Kiri: Ninja Action
Kaze No Densetsu Xanadu
Kaze No Densetsu Xanadu II
KyuKyoKu Tiger
Magical Chase
Mr. Heli no Daiboukin
Ninja Spirit
Parodius Da!
Popful Mail: Magical Fantasy Adventure
R-Type Complete
Seirei Senshi Spriggen
Sidearms Hyper Dyne
Soldier Blade
Space harrier
Spriggan Mark 2: Re-Terraform Project
Star Parodier
Super Raiden
Super Star Soldier
Valis: Mugen Senshi
Valis II
Valis III
Valis IV
Winds of Thunder
Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair
Ys Books I & II
Ys III: Wanderers From Ys
Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys

I think thatís it. Keep in mind I have played/ finished a lot of the big name Hucard titles like Bonks Adventure/ PC Genjin, Legendary Axe and Bomber Man series when I was younger. I do plan on purchasing those games later but my priority is on stuff I havenít played yet.
5 years ago#8
Sweet collection dude ! Not bad for 8 months.

Image Fight II and Super Raiden are both underrated shooters, and I love them both. Super Raiden especially kept me addicted until I beat it.

Also, Tatsujin is one of the best shmups I think, and a pricey card for the system. Fortunately, I was able to find a copy of Truxton (Genesis) for few bucks, and I am satisfied with that for now.
5 years ago#9
Thanks man. Iím trying to build a respectable collection but there are just so many damn good games for the PC Engine. I am constantly discovering interesting looking games Iíve never heard or seen before but I seriously doubt I will have the time and or money to play them all.

You know Iíve had a SNES and Genesis/ SegaCD for more than a decade now but only own just over a dozen games for each, yet Iíve had a PCE for less than a year and have already amassed about 50!
Not knocking other 16-bit consoleís libraries but the PCE is certainly the retro console for me.
Iím glad I was fortunate enough to obtain a Duo, I canít imagine being limited to US stuff.
5 years ago#10
Oh ya...that is cool. In fact, PCE is my top classic system as well. I just love its history, games and uniqueness. BTW, As much as I love the PCE, I am also keeping up with the Snes/Genesis/Sega cd/Nes collections. As a shoot em' up fan, I currently own all quality shmups for these systems. For PCE, I recommend these odd titles:-

And if you are a fan of side arms, I recommend "Side arms special", because of the new arranged mode, bosses and cd audio.
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