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Why doesn't David Cage make games more like Omikron? (Archived)
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My encomium to the Dreamcast (Archived)
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What's your favourite Dreamcast swirl? (Poll)
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Very slow boot up (Archived)jnblz316512/20 8:38AM
Shenmue vs Shenmue II (Poll)
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Deep Fighter (and its genre) discussion thread. (Archived)Graviteer512/19 8:05AM
Going to have a game night. What Dreamcast games should I get? (Archived)
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alsroboshack3312/18 5:55PM
yeah NBA 2k1 is terrible. (Archived)ReggieBush09412/16 10:55AM
Which version of Sonic do you prefer? (Poll)HealthyLunatic612/12 1:13PM
Where were they selling those VGA boxes that added scanlines? (Archived)BloodyBenten1012/12 1:09PM
How is Star Lancer? (Archived)Graviteer1012/11 4:41PM
who is using vga to hdmI adapters? need some recommendations (Archived)JtheXtremeGamer512/8 11:39PM
Ughhhhh.... (Archived)
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nellyfan8041112/7 6:50PM
Why did the dreamcast fail in the west and how would a Dreamcast 2 do today? (Archived)
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Better get your SLaVE soon. (Archived)amcdc79212/6 2:19AM
Laser Calibration (Archived)Darkadian212/5 9:40PM
Thinking of getting a boot disk. What import games should I get? (Archived)alsroboshack812/5 3:10PM
what is dreamcasts best steering wheel? (Archived)
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bultje1121512/4 10:52AM
Is Dreamcast The Ultimate Home Arcade Experience? (Archived)gamezero6912/2 11:59PM