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My account is almost 10 years old... (Archived)
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RIP Robin Williams (Archived)Angemon_2328/11 7:46PM
What amuses me... (Archived)Kudorigami28/9 5:15AM
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I'm utterly flabbergasted by this guy's response. (Archived)OzymandiasIV47/5 7:58AM
RIP GBA SP battery (Archived)Angemon_2324/13 3:48AM
Ding! Dong! The Board is Dead! (Archived)OzymandiasIV64/5 9:48AM
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*looks at the top 10 list(top gamecube games) of today* (Archived)Kudorigami31/25 10:35PM
My Old Blog Lives Again (Archived)FranckKnight21/16 10:18PM
My 6 years in the Army is coming to a close. (Archived)OzymandiasIV612/18/2013
Adventurists, who else is anticipating Broken Sword 5 tomorrow? (Archived)Kudorigami212/3/2013
Love Zelda? Then you need a 3DS. NOW. (Archived)
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I claim this board for... Everybody that used to come here but never does. (Archived)
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Maybe we should just hang around actually. (Archived)Relentless639512/2/2013
So, who else bought The Wolf Among Us? (Archived)Angemon_23310/19/2013
I dunno if this is old news but... (Archived)sw00p_0ne310/14/2013
Aw man, all the old topics were purged (Archived)
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I know i'm the only one here that actually cares about this, but (Archived)Angemon_23510/11/2013