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Nintendo is shutting off online services for Wii and DS games soon. (Archived)MARl092/27 5:22PM
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Xbox One's eSRAM Is "Cumbersome, Bottlenecking Memory" - Developer [900p :)] (Archived)sknmak12/22 6:53PM
I am disappointed with Tropical Freeze (Archived)
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Job get! (Archived)
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Sega Loses Shenmue Trademark Because they Didn't Bother Using it (Archived)Sacul6442/21 7:18AM
Irrational Games shutting down, 2K takes over BioShock, KL in new 15 person DD s (Archived)Sacul6462/19 9:01PM
Just watched Pokemon Origins the other day (Archived)Master Fu Xi82/18 1:29PM
Has anyone played Titanfall Beta yet? If not here is a Quick review inside. (Archived)sknmak22/16 6:07AM
There are soon to be a total of 58 different 3DS colours/desgins (Archived)FLASH_1178832/15 7:40AM
So Nintendo put up some Valentines promo for Mario and Zelda, one problem... (Archived)Sacul6472/14 8:29PM
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Nintendo direct tomorrow (Archived)
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Bravely Default is out now on eShop for you digital buyers (stealth OT) (Archived)
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