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Nintendo seriously needs to get on telling us what the amiibos actually do. (Archived)
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Sakurai on why Ridley isn't playable in Smash Bros. (Archived)
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Credit card questions.. and Cameras (Archived)
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Kirby and the Rainbow Curse set to release February 13th in North America. (Archived)
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RUMOR - Third Nintendo EAD Tokyo team formed & Capn Toad was originally Link (Archived)Sacul64411/16 5:00AM
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Pokmon Trading Card Game, and Tengami released today (Archived)Sacul64311/14 9:32AM
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Final build of Sonic Xtreme found, leaking as we speak (Archived)Sacul64811/13 2:44PM
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Bravely Default music hits Theathrythm (In Japan only for now) (Archived)Sacul64511/13 10:20AM
Sounds like Sonic Boom is a train wreck. (and Rumor on Next Gen Sonic) (Archived)
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One Piece: Super Grand Battle X (Archived)
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Footage of the MK8 DLC 60FPS! (Archived)
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