x-3 coins and y-1 1up block

#1Harlem_HeatPosted 4/10/2012 10:20:47 AM
I know you're supposed to be able to activate a hidden 1up block in stage 1 if you collect all the coins in the previous stage 3 but sometimes even if I collect all coins the 1up block still won't activate. This happens in World 6 and 8 where the block won't activate up.

5-3 has that hidden block among the bricks and maybe you need to get the maximum possible out of the coin block but I can only get 16 coins at best.

7-3 only has 10 coins I collect them all and the block in 8-1 won't activate either.

Am I missing something? I know in thee original this works all the time is their a different formula for doing it in this game?