Stuck in World 8... :( (lighthearted vent/rant)

#1smajda85Posted 6/13/2012 12:28:39 AM
Man, this game is ridiculous/frustrating/rewarding. I'm trying to do a Super Mario Marathon over the summer where I am forcing myself to "100%" the major Mario games. My definition of 100% is mostly to beat every level/obtain the star/whatever that the games have to ever. Being a fairly decent SMB player, I beat the first one without a sweat in a bit less then an hour. And I was really excited to try this one since the last time I played it was the Lost Levels version in the 90s. I loved the challenge at first but once I got to world 4, but I just couldn't believe how the difficulty skyrocketed!

I think I have probably spent over 12 hours on this game so far. I can't believe how huge of a difference it makes continuing from a game over at the beginning of the world instead of the level! But the furthest I've made it in World 8 so far is right before the goal post in 8-3. I can't wait to beat the game 8 times to get to worlds A-D... then who knows how long it will take. I just hope I'm not stuck on the game all summer!
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Good thing i'm here.... no!? .... anyone!?
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Can you be more careful, please? Those things hurt.
She's bound to be in one of these castles...
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Mario posted...
Can you be more careful, please? Those things hurt.

How did you manage to get that username with such a new account? >________>