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L Button isn't working right? (Archived)Lil_Bit8336/1 3:36PM
My GBA Collection (Archived)redline6525/31 9:27AM
My failed Kirby NIDR boss run... (Archived)RubyRaze55/27 5:17PM
Re-buying the GBA... (Archived)AIRBORNE_uk65/25 7:47PM
Is a Gameboy Micro worth $80? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
calender68145/25 7:39PM
I miss Megaman Battle Network... (Poll)mana_hero85/25 6:15PM
I did a cover of the Dark Hyrule Castle theme from Minish Cap. (Archived)Mjollnirfalls55/23 8:01PM
Best gba games ever (Archived)CritiChickin75/20 12:51PM
What is the best versions for Battle Network 3-6? (Archived)shadowenclave4725/19 12:40PM
RPGs? (Archived)imamelia65/18 7:03PM
Help: Fixing scratches on the paint job on my Gameboy Advance SP. (Archived)Kyokugen_Spirit15/15 3:02PM
Anyone interested in trading GBA games? (Archived)_HlM_55/8 9:18PM
My GBA hasn't been charged in a long time. I want to know if it's broken or not. (Archived)Xeno_Cyclops45/7 9:12PM
Black vs Indigo color for GBA? (Archived)Skjoett35/6 11:39AM
Recommend me some games please (Archived)discodancer7795/2 8:12PM
Fraudulent GBA games (Archived)BurnsideGX3104/30 4:20PM
Anyone know of any GBA memory cards? (Archived)Someguy121234/29 11:38PM
I've got several old GBA carts lying around but no system. Best replacements? (Archived)ClassyOldHat104/29 5:35PM
is there a list of which games use a battery save? (Archived)discodancer7794/29 4:43PM
Is it difficult to read text on the GameBoy Micro's smaller screen? (Archived)HylianKnight154/27 5:44PM
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