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7 years ago#11
7 years ago#12
A has been chosen

You turn around to see a bulky man with a shotgun, He has a black tank top,camo pants,and army boots.

"Looks like you could use some help..."he says as he tosses you a pistol.
"Names Jack. I heard that there's 3 evacuations goin on; a helicopter is on the east side of town,
a ferry is on the west side of town,and a train north of here....

...Which way do you think we should go?"

(B)Subway train
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7 years ago#13

Get to the chopper!
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7 years ago#14
B is more like an intense chase though. B!
7 years ago#15
Because of the tie i have to go with the first post

C has been chosen

"You think we should go to the chopper? The subway is strong,
the ferry is on the water,and these things probably cant swim.
But if you say so, let's take to the air..."
"The chopper should be east, near the military base," Jack says "If we hurry, we can make it."

Only now, you realize how badly the city has been torn up.houses destroyed,fire everywhere, and you can hear gunshots in the distance....

"shhh... i hear something....don't move....
oh **** i hope that isn't a...oh no...RUN!!!"

You follow Jack running at full speed and look behind you to see...

(A)A quite large zombie following you hungrily
(B)A zombie dog about to tear you limb from limb
(C)something you cant make out
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7 years ago#16
c zombie godzilla?
7 years ago#17
Du kannst mich am Arsche lecken!
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7 years ago#18
C damn you C!
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7 years ago#19
I'll have this up either tonite or tomorrow
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7 years ago#20
C has been chosen

You try to figure out what the *thing* is when suddenly Jack yells"Look out!"
A truck veers out of nowhere, almost hitting you, and stops.
"Well I'll be damned..."
"Get in!" The driver says
Withought hesitation, you and Jack jump in.

After leaving the creature behind, things started to calm down...
"Didn't expect to see ya here Jack."The driver says.
"Same here, how'd ya get this thing anyway?"Jack replied.
"I uh..found it layin around.."
"WHAT THE **** WAS THAT THING?! WHO THE **** ARE YOU?!"You exclaim.
"Names Nick"He says

And that *thing* is called a....

(Different name will have different special things)

Go to Joe Blade for C64. Don't ask why, just do it.
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