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Apparently Pocket-PC merged with Windows Mobile at some point.
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-SourDieseL459/29 7:05AM
Any games like dragon mania legends? (Archived)sylora2417/8 12:57AM
Chase Bank is removing their app from Windows Phone (Archived)Hercular164/4 6:03PM
I sure wish they would port the rest of the Final Fantasy games... (Archived)PostModernMartr52/18 12:09PM
I got a Nokia. What should I expect? (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz22/18 10:48AM
Five Nights at Freddy's 1 and 2? (Archived)boberthavok112/8 5:24PM
Some questions for anyone with the Surface Pro 3 (Archived)HoIlywood312/3 8:30PM
What games can you play on Windows Mobile? (Archived)ianpwilliams311/12 5:07AM
Question about youtube comments on windows mobile 8 (Archived)Happy_Robot110/30 5:05PM
Any word if Verizon will get the Lumia 1520? (Archived)ApppleJackXXXfu210/29 6:36AM
Can you connect a Windows Controller... (Archived)DoSitUps110/25 3:22PM
When are Windows phones going to get HID Bluetooth support? (Archived)tigerslashII110/12 3:47PM
What are the benefits of having a Windows phone as an Xbox One owner? (Archived)Trigg3rH4ppy39/25/2014
Can I use an unactivated phone via wifi just for Xbox games? (Archived)Luminaire29/1/2014
Windows Phone 8.1.1 and Xbox Music. (Archived)AltiarLio38/27/2014
add me on Xbox Live if anyone has a windows phone and reads this (Archived)TrueHeero6918/12/2014
Question about replacing a phone on current contract (verizon) (Archived)greenhawk32218/6/2014
Got Windows Phone 8.1 on my Lumia 920. #amazing (Archived)
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Whats the best place to find (Archived)Skreemz37/26/2014
Music Player Pro. (Archived)AltiarLio17/22/2014
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