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seafood massacre silent assassin technique (Archived)green_abobo14/2/2014
Anyone still play this game? (Archived)JCTC101319/8/2013
Sign if you're passing by! (Archived)Dekay13112/7/2012
TIS BOARD IS MINEEE hahaha (Archived)El_Sup3rbeast53/31/2011
Looking for a video of Traditions of The Trade with the shotgun (Archived)Sonumb9213/30/2011
No Survivors/No Alerts runs (Archived)bumblebee-18/6/2010
Playing this game on my 80 gig Ps3 (Archived)JDawg455527/29/2010
I just encountered the infamous ghost... (Archived)clutch18816/13/2010
ghost explanation (Archived)theshotgunner11/15/2010
What the heck man,was up wit da ghost in dat mission man i mean wtf happened? (Archived)leftyslate19/18/2009
What is your favorite mission? (Archived)leftyslate19/18/2009
Which character did you enjoy killing... (SPOILERS) (Archived)
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Millers C2765/15/2009
I am new to the Hitman games so playing for the first time and don't know what i (Archived)Gabexo45/8/2009
how do you get a slient assassin ranking on training? (Archived)abaltazar14/5/2009
Ghost in Tradition of Trade..... (Archived)DerrickTvancejr11/24/2009
What is you Favorite Weapon? (Archived)bikerdudend512/25/2008
Why am I always discovered after detonating the submarine? (Bjharkov bomb) (Archived)Digital_Bullet310/27/2008
hitman (Archived)Brad33339110/16/2008
SA ranks (Archived)superbuu338/16/2008
Hunter and Hunted-Help please... (Archived)mitsubishilover37/29/2008
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