How do I get High Tech industries

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For High Tech demand, try these suggestions:

1: Add parks, trees or other public recreation lots to your Industrial zones. Reward buildings and landmarks can help too. Placing these will increase land value and demand for the lots surrounding them. High Tech industries can afford to pay the increased lot prices, while the dirty industry is forced to move out.

2: In your Ordinances, enable the High Tech and Clean Industry tax incentives. IIRC there are a couple more such Ordinances as well. Scroll through the list and choose any that are relevant.

3: Provided you aren't already at the lowest sustainable income from taxes, consider lowering the Industrial taxes slightly (I find 5-6% usually makes them happy). To counter that drop you may have to raise the Residential and/or Commercial taxes a percentage point or two, but so long as you don't raise them too high (10% or more), the Sims should have no reason to complain.

4: Ensure that you have a decent public transit system so that your Sims can get to work. On average, the Sims don't like traveling more than a few blocks to get to work. I'd suggest an expansive subway system, coupled with some bus stops. Monorails are really only useful for inter-city travel, while raised railways are generally ignored by the Sims.

5: Ensure that there are export/trade options available to the High Tech Sims. Airports, seaports, and railways to neighboring cities will be needed. Be sure to place access to each within easy reach of the Industrial (and Commercial of course) zones.

Now, hopefully some/all of that will help you. And if theres something important that I didn't put in, perhaps someone else here will.

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Well, for industrial taxes, I'd actually get specific and raise dirty industry taxes while lowering high tech taxes.
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Well, for industrial taxes, I'd actually get specific and raise dirty industry taxes while lowering high tech taxes.

You don't have a choice in that regard. The three tax categories are Residential, Commercial and Industrial. The only way to jack the cost of Dirty Industry is to activate the ordinances related to halting it (ie, Clean Industry Tax Incentive or Pollution Tax). These aren't covered by the general tax levels, and must be activated separately.

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In Sim City 4? No, you can raise the taxes of all categories in the three sections seperately, i.e. rS, rSS, rSSS in residential, dirty, agric, manufacturing, and high tech in industrial, etc.
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Hes right ya know!
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*thinks the person explaining how doesn't know what he's on about*

Here's the way to get High Tech to come visit your little town

1) Have plenty of Industrial Rail, I find they blatantly ignore you altogether if you don't have this AND you'll need a Seaport or Airport as I don't think they like hauling the crap they make anymore than they have to.

2) Ensure your education levels in your city are complimentary and you have all the major educational buildings completely covering and sometimes overlapping the residential zones

3) You'll have to firstly jack up the I-D tax or Dirty Industry tax to about 12% they'll stick around and take it but eventually get tired of the gouge and leave room for High Tech to move in.

4) Do some Freight Train missions, once High Tech sees you have a smooth operation going on they'll begin to move in.

5) High Tech industry has this thing about tax going up ABOVE 9.5% I've tried it twice and they pack up their gear and hitch a ride on the Freight Train outta Town which you SHOULD connect it to SimNation otherwise you're only hurting yourself.

6) High Tech will move in but take care not to have too much Air Pollution or you'll have to make an entirely new Industry zone just for the High Tech. I only know this because I had a city with a fair bit of Air Pollution and when I checked the grid to see the desirability of the areas I found that the place with the big amount of Air Pollution was a turn off to High Tech industry.

So basically this is the way to attract High Tech to your city there's also a quicker method but you'll need ALOT of rail and about 4 Freight Stations as you'll need to do a bunch of Train missions in order to unlock the Space Port which in turn will immediately draw High Tech upon you.