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Heres a great site for all of you who want to know more about ALL the YS games! (Archived)Reckless_Fire66210/1/2008
Help me with beginning of game :( (Archived)Pazy160910/1/2008
Ys III - which version best? (Archived)Citan2269/30/2008
Why can't I hurt the bat boss? (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz49/29/2008
How Long is this Game? (Archived)finalfnfantasy39/29/2008
How many first timer players have we got here? (Archived)
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Sorry for asking a stupid question, but where is the "meeting room"? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Agree or Disagree -- Best soundtrack ever? (Archived)
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Letu Gemma isn't giving me the Blue Amulet..... (Archived)thegamewinner99/21/2008
Help - Book II - Lilia Medicine (Archived)Nihilist66639/20/2008
Other Ys Games (in English) (Archived)The Admiral109/20/2008
final boss is pwning me. what do i do (Archived)Citan2229/20/2008
Magic of Light (YS Book II) (Archived)PresidentPanda29/19/2008
Doesn anyone else think emptyeye is still with his girl? (Archived)Xero19/18/2008
Vampire Bat Boss (Archived)
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Easy way to kill the first boss in Book 2 (Archived)AlphaDragoon19/17/2008
help with book 2 (Archived)booming1939/16/2008
Sara got the short end of the stick *spoilers* (Archived)RPGamer1539/15/2008
Call me crazy but I wish more RPG's had a combat system like this. (Archived)
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Question about area near end of Ys 2 (spoilers) (Archived)The Admiral99/13/2008
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