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Adol is just selfish!*spoilers* (Archived)MarvelousGerbil29/2/2008
Need some help (Archived)metroidio79/2/2008
I'm happy with the game so far. (Archived)durango_X379/1/2008
Ancient Greece has Atlantis, medieval France has Ys... (Archived)yangfeili58/31/2008
Okay, where's the ...*SPOILERS* I'm at the end of Book 2. (Archived)King_of_Flan38/31/2008
Question of Content (Archived)DAlonzo9D998/30/2008
Help! (SPOILERS?) (Archived)pkhletournau28/30/2008
Holy crap I just heard Bumblebee! What other voice actors are featured in this? (Archived)
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Well, I just beat the game, but... (SPOILERS) (Archived)Master_of_Light78/30/2008
Are any of the other Ys games likely to come to VC someday? (Archived)
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Well, since I've finished the game... Favorite tracks? (Archived)Poobert_Wilson48/29/2008
Early glitch (Sara won't talk to me)? (Archived)PikaNerd48/29/2008
Old-School gamer, who is completely new to the Y's series. (Adventure Log) (Archived)
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Just finished Ys book 1 & 2. Here's some opinions on the game. (spoilers) (Archived)STN7918/29/2008
mines/divine areas (Archived)OofreakoO28/28/2008
Magic Help!! (Archived)Farting_Newt28/28/2008
Woo hoo #18 (Archived)knightoffire5518/27/2008
Does this version get rid of the flicker that was in some areas? (Archived)Zabi28/27/2008
How many blocks does this game use? (Archived)Javeman48/27/2008
How is Y's II compared to Y's I? (Archived)RawhideSphinx78/27/2008
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