Sup guys?

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6 years ago#1
Where the hell are we? >_>
5 years ago#2
I am fated to die alone. ;_;
5 years ago#3

Well at least we both showed up eventually. Though someone else was here to welcome meowth. <_<
5 years ago#4
*shows up in a puff of smoke*

I really should see someone about that...>_>
5 years ago#5
You really gotta stop doing that inside. <_<
5 years ago#6
I know...but it is so relaxing...>_>
5 years ago#7

I shall hold this topic open as long as possible for Mike's return...
5 years ago#8
;_; I will, too.
*summons a cat of sorrow*
5 years ago#9
I wonder if he has any other topics around the boards?
5 years ago#10
I might have to use goo- board hunt to find out. >_>

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