PSP Memory stick Qs & As v3 [Please check out if new to PSPs]

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Acer1 - "And of course.... he disappears from the topic at the same point in his rage rampages"

darthcerebus - "That's actually what well adjusted adults do when they're upset. It's interesting that you'd think that's something to mock."

SaIathiel - "Except Kurgan doesn't behave like a well adjusted adult to begin with."

Pretty much. And couple in the fact that he disappears almost always when he says something absurd and incorrect. He isn't mature enough to either keep his mouth shut or at least admit when he says something misinformed. Notice he hasn't once acknowledged what I've said to him... both right before he left the topic, initially, and when he returned and I basically repeated myself.

lmao ****ing sad dude. Especially when he has little fans on the sideline taking sides with him for no real reason.
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Taking sides?

You're awful divisive.

I argue with Kurgan so much, he probably thinks I'm one of the little poops just like you.

It's strange. In real life, when you take the rational stance... supporting one side while you think they're right, and supporting the other when you think THEY'RE right... is commendable and respectable.

On the internet however? It just means all the little kiddies think you're a sycophant for whichever side you happen to be defending at the time.

Oh... and I'll save you some trouble.

   /ˈsɪkəfənt, -ˌfænt, ˈsaɪkə-/ Show Spelled[sik-uh-fuhnt, -fant, sahy-kuh-] Show IPA
a self-seeking, servile flatterer; fawning parasite.

Pretty sad really.

You insult Kurgan when he's successfully baited into an emotional tirade, and you insult Kurgan when he's unwilling to get sucked into an emotional tirade.

I'm curious if you understand how badly that speaks of your character.
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Posting False Information as Fact = Trolling

SG, post the Dr. Kawashima & Brain Training stuff again.
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This topic is for MEMORY STICKS NOT this damn argument about lies. Keep it to some other topic. Close this Acer!
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"Close this Acer!"

I think you misunderstand his motivations for starting it in the first place.
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It's called background on what you really are Mappy, you'll never have a squeaky clean reputation on this board as long as the vets remember what you really are. I'm not the only one who remembers it, look up, two others have been around for that long, they remember your bull**** too.....

Even if all of it were true, which it is not, then your background on me is pretty weak. I stand by everything I ever posted here. Even when I turned out to be wrong, I admitted it and moved on. I don't even need to establish any background on you, because people can see with their own eyes the kind of stuff you post day in and day out.

Your own words included "SNES emulator" and "333mHz", and IIRC the SNES emulator part was even in the topic title. Nothing was ever mentioned about GTA-LCS, which never ran at 333 to begin with.

You remember wrong. I know you have backups of all of these discussions, so go check your records. It doesn't really matter. Regardless of what I was playing, I already admitted I was wrong. I was mislead by my inside sources at Sony HQ.

Exactly how the hell did Melky make the MappyMousePD account???

Melky made this "third account" you're talking about, and it got banned. How could I forget to log out of an account that isn't even mine? Not only is your story 100% false, it doesn't even make sense.

You quickly deleted the post but it was too late, a ton of people got screenshots of it.

Then post it. Let's see what you're talking about.

Yes, I was wrong. And I stayed true to my word and never returned to that board.

That board IS this board, you made the claim AFTER the board change from General to Hardware

No, sorry. It was well before that.

The door is closed forevermore, if indeed there ever was a door
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SG, post the Dr. Kawashima & Brain Training stuff again.

I don't have it and the topic has long since been purged. It doesn't matter anyway. Plenty of people saw that fiasco.
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Kurgan, after writing that last post, I've decided I'm not going to have this discussion with you for the hundredth time. No matter what I say, you're just going to go on believing what you want to believe. I don't need to worry about convincing others, because no one here takes you seriously. You even have mods telling people not to listen to you. If someone with some shred of credibility was spreading lies about me, I might care. But not when it's you.

The door is closed forevermore, if indeed there ever was a door
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That board IS this board, you made the claim AFTER the board change from General to Hardware

No, sorry. It was well before that.

Sorry Mappy, but the Board Header is PSP Hardware, the dates on all the posts are 2 months AFTER firmware 3.0 came out.

3.00 November 21, 2006

* Support for:
o PlayStation 3 Remote Play.
o Classic PSone games.

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There will never, NEVER, be a game designed for the PSP that runs at 333MHZ out of the box. Never.

Your own words Mappy, with HTML Backup posted for 100% indisputable proof including post timestamps, as well as the PSP Firmware timeline and History from Wiki with release dates.

You made the claim AFTER the board change from General to Hardware, and you made the claim AFTER firmware 3.0 came out which had PS-1 games running at 333mHz by default.

9 months later Syphon Filter Logan's Shadow was released, it was the first official full PSP game to run at 333mHz, God of War was next 6 months after that.

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Avast gave me a warning for that ZIP file, so I didn't open it, but I have a pretty good recollection of the conversation.

I think you're confusing something here. Yes, I continued to make that claim on this board, but it was on the old board where I said I wouldn't return if I were to be proven wrong. I've stayed true to my word.

The door is closed forevermore, if indeed there ever was a door