Phantom kingdom (Makai kingdom) bound for psp

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NeojianX posted...
Funny how people dissed Chaos Wars with Shadow Hearts, Gungrave and other characters, but want games like this one. I was glad there was some voice acting bad or not. It had awesome spell effects in that game and 3 different character art forms. In some spell effects the characters looked like they do in the original games. Specially Karen From Shadow Hearts 2. I wish there was a PSP version of it.

Chaos Wars was completely justified in being bashed. The gameplay is decent granted, but since a good chunk of it revolves around the story, a horribly-translated (they effectively made the most literal translation they could, even if it ended up being awkward in English) and atrocious voices can completely kill the mood of the game.
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Well, Disgaea 2 got reprinted pretty recently; we got Phantom Brave; and my gut feeling is that NISA will definitely have a go at Makai Kingdom for US release.
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Thank you NISA just needs to localize
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^Won't happen. Recent interview with NIS stated that they're done with the PSP in NA.
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Reminds me of Svenson, backpedaling for saying MHP3 wont be released in the US.

Typical PR move from a negative reaction towards their previous statements.
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?