trade in value of a psp 3000? (slim)

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5 years ago#1
i'm at work and cant call GS. i inherited another one, dont need two lol..
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5 years ago#2
Very little, I'd guess $30. They offered my $25 for a DSlite and they sell them for around $80 last I checked.

Why would you trade stuff in at gamestop if you have a job?
5 years ago#3
No rational thinking being does business with Gamestop. You can sell it online or on craigslist for current market value and get 3 times as much money. Not to mention selling online is faster and easier and you get paid in actual United States currency instead of "instore credit."
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5 years ago#4
You will get $35 and they have a promo going on where you get an extra $25 for trading in a system.
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5 years ago#5
thanks guys. craiglist may be an option. lol @ GS value.
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5 years ago#6
Sure, lol @ GS value, but people still trade in their systems to them no matter the price. Heck, you were considering it before they changed your mind.

GS is a business and they're making a lot of money playing on the convenience of just giving them a system or game for quick cash. It's really not their fault for doing this, but rather the customer since most are too lazy to sell it themselves.
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5 years ago#7
Well with GS promotion you would get rughly $60. I just checked my local Craigslist and the average 3000 is listed for $70 and there are quite a few listed. Is it worth the hassle? Maybe, maybe not.
5 years ago#8
You could maybe get 70-75 for it on craiglist. But you have to deal with people low balling offers, scammers, people who agree to meet then back out later, etc. It's a lot of hassle to potentially get 10 bucks more. Personally, I'd rather give it to gamestop and put the credit towards another game/console. At least I get points, and it's clean and easy.

I'd rather have 60 in store credit in 5 minutes then potentially waiting weeks to finally unload the damn thing online.
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5 years ago#9
^ So the trade in value for a PSP is around $30 at gamestop. The cheapest one on amazon right now is $88.98 and you think that's a $10 dollar difference? Brilliant financial strategist right there, a real math wizard.

If you list your PSP on amazon as the cheapest one at $88.97 it'll move, fast. I always list stuff as the cheapest so long as it's in comparable condition. Almost everything Ive sold online has sold within the hour of putting up the listing. You can buy, print and ship out of the home. Total amount of effort selling online is about 5 minutes. Your letter carrier will pick up outgoing mail from your house for free. Then when you get your payment, actual honest to God United States currency it's directly deposited into a checking account. Selling online gets you what your goods are worth with significantly less effort and hassle.
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5 years ago#10
^ The trade in value at Gamestop is $60. $35 for the base price and $25 because of a promotion right now.
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