Another PSP game (possibly) being localised

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3 years ago#11
Pure awesomeness. Even if it's digital only I don't mind.
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3 years ago#12
Suwa-kun posted...
Huh, why lots seems to have a sudden interest of localizing dungeon crawlers? I found it kinda odd.

Personally I feel like the Dungeon Crawls localized have been neglected greatly on the PSP. Better late than never. Not sure which one this is but I have played some of the import of 3 and that is highly customizable and something I feel like alot might like here in the States. But I expect the recent interest is because of Unchained, Class of Heroes 2 and Etrian IV being announced and released of late.

Ah I see its the original remake. Nice choice. Hopefully they might be committed to releasing the rest at some point.
3 years ago#13
Chaos_Missile posted...
zinformant posted...
Interesting. What's good about this game?

I'm honestly not sure. It seems to be another FPS dungeon crawler RPG, something which the English PSP scene somewhat severely lacks.

And one of the unique mechanic, which is quite amusing:|1

Hmm... reminds me of King's Field on the PS1.
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