Trouble with PSN account... HELP PLEASE!

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4 years ago#1
Well, I only have one PSP and one PSVita activated on my account. It's a JP one.

I can download and play my games normally on the Vita. I haven't touched my PSP for a while.

So I decided to play it again. I usually download the stuff with Media Go, then transfer it to the PSP. Never had any problems with it before. So I changed my PC, and re-downloaded all my stuff from PSN using Media Go to the PC. I was transfering all my games, then after transfering some(I was transfering the Ys 7 demo at the moment) it started giving me error 80048A80. I tried to deactivate and activate my account to that PSP and after deactivating, I couldn't activate it again! I never used CFW or something like that,

So I waited 24 hours and could activate it again. It is now activated, I was transfering games again and after some I got the SAME error. And even with my device activated, I still cannot play my Ys 7 demo.

What the hell is going on? Any tips?
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4 years ago#2
this has always been a mystery with no definite solutions. afaik, it's something like sony bans your psp or smth -- not your psn account. *shrug*

edit: and i mean when people call sony themselves, the replies they usually get is: "wait for [X] days/weeks" or "buy a new psp"

so again, *shrug*
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4 years ago#3
Strangely, it doesn't look like they ban the PSP, but it's something related to the account itself. I tried activating my other PSP(I left the Vita activated and tried this after de-activating the one I use, so no, I didn't activated 3 portable devices...) and I still got the same error, not being able to activating it...

However, I can activate BOTH of my PSPs on a friend's account...

I'm starting to think that this ban has something to do with the amount of times in a short period that you try to tranfer your games from the Media Go "for the first time"(I mean, after you download them, when after it their icon becomes "bigger"). Because I can transfer the ones I did already at least once(bigger icon) even now...

This is indeed a mystery, but this small things I'm noticing my help to work into a solution...
Tsuki no michibikini... Yami to Hikari wo modarasan!!!
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