Do new PSPs not work with Verizon wireless routers?

#1ScrappyDingoPosted 12/26/2012 8:28:46 PM
My old PSP just got stolen so I bought a new one (that was manufactured on 4/25/12). However, the damn thing won't connect to my router. It says "connection to the access point timed out" whenever I try to connect at home. My old PSP (from the Metal Gear pack) used to connect fine.

I took the damn thing into work and tried to connect to the free wireless there (which requires logging onto the website and entering my card number and PIN number) and I get some strange error about handshake not able to work, whatever handshake is.

I can access some guy's open network when I walk out the door at work (it must be far away as it says it will take 20 hours to download a small file) just fine.

Do I need to update my firmware? I don't have a USB cable (that was stolen as well) as were my memory cards (just bought fresh ones). Could that be the problem?
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#2weskers errand boyPosted 12/26/2012 9:38:22 PM(edited)
I had the same problem with my verizon router and my PSPGo. Gotta go into the router ( in your browser) go to advance wireless settings, connection types and change it from "mixed 802.11b and g" to "802.11b only". Although you may be potentially gimping some of your newer devices, I did it anyway so that my PSP wireless works.
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