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8 years ago#1

I got tired of searching for a good Fallout 3 map so I made my own.

I have the explorer perk so all the locations are there and I've explored most of them. I've also added various location markers for the most important ones.

You can get the Fallout 3 Map

If you like the map, please post a comment to keep the thread up. Even if it is just to say thank you.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy it

8 years ago#2
Sweet, thanks.
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8 years ago#3
Bravo! Will read again
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8 years ago#4

Very helpful for me. I've played through already but now that I'm on my second game I can explore everything.


8 years ago#5
Where exactly is this map? Im not seeing it. Thanks
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8 years ago#6
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8 years ago#7
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
8 years ago#8
Sweet, send it to the faqs. if I could change one thing though it would be your fonts because it's not really pleasing to the eye otherwise, it's good.
8 years ago#9
I would love to see a more printer friendly version.
Doesn't fit well on a legal sized.
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8 years ago#10
you are a gentleman and a scholar
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