Rock-it Launcher a good weapon?

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8 years ago#1
Is it worth the 1k caps to buy the schematics and make it? Also, I read somewhere about "improved schematics" and I ask if there's such a thing.

I have about 50 points in Big Guns.
8 years ago#2
Decent weapon, I'm enjoying it quite a bit. And you get improved schematics by getting a second copy of the weapon schematics. So if you have two copies of the Rock-it Launcher schematics then they'll turn into an Improved Rock-it Launcher schematic which makes the weapon do 10% more damage.
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8 years ago#3
Improving is finding two of the same schematics.

And it's mostly for the lulz. Especially in vats when people's legs get ripped off by milk bottles.
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8 years ago#4
Yes and no. As a weapon I loved it; shoots fast, does good damage, shouldn't need reloading during combat if you plan ahead.

That said, the ammo it uses is all the crap you find laying about that sorts into your "misc" section of your inventory. So yes, ammo is plentiful... but ammo also has weight. Weight that adds up. I mean it's practically 1 pound per bullet.
8 years ago#5
Sweet, thanks. Is there somewhere that I can get a free Rock-it schematic?
8 years ago#6
Rivet City Barracks, Moira in Megaton and one of the trade caravans(wolfgang maybe?) have them, there might be more.
8 years ago#7
*rivet city armory I mean
8 years ago#8
You can get two for free in Vault 101 if you use the console. You know that plaque that your father showed you when you were a baby? It's on display in his office, but you can "open" it in a way, but you need lockpicking 50, which is impossible at that stage of the game. So when you turn 16 find it, open the console, click it, type "unlock" and then loot it, you'll get a tape, 300 caps and the schematics for the rock-it launcher. Then when you're escaping the vault you can goto his office and do the same thing again for the same rewards, but since you already have the schematics it'll turn into improved rock-it launcher schematics. In the end you'll leave the vault with improved rock-it launcher schematics and 300 caps, but you need to cheat twice to do it.
"If your name were homework I'd be doing you on my desk right now."
8 years ago#9
This weapon is incredible early on because it's very fast, does significant damage and its ammo is free. Once you start getting unique weapons though or better workshop weapons you'll probably cast it aside. So... if you're already at the point where you're finding that kinda stuff, I'd skip on the Rock-It Launcher.
8 years ago#10
Skip the Rock-It Launcher? Even if you have better weapons, very few things can ever compare to the entertainment value of shooting people with teddy bears. It's a must have purely for the sake of its awesomeness.
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