Mayor Mccready won't open door to Murder Pass

#1kholdstare61Posted 12/29/2008 3:10:41 PM

So I'm at the part where I have to ask the mayor the open the door to Murder Pass so I can get inside Vault 87. I asked him, and he said yes and walked me over to the entrance to Murder Pass, but now he's just standing there and not opening the door. I keep talking to him but there is no option that'll enable him to open the door.

How do I solve this glitch, is there some sort of console command I can use to move forward or let me use the pulleys?

#2Fatty_Bum_BumPosted 12/29/2008 3:11:32 PM
Press ~ and type tcl. And win the game.
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#3something1092Posted 12/29/2008 3:14:16 PM
Ya I had this happen also in two separate game saves. Just use the tcl command as stated above and walk through the gate.
#4enViablePosted 12/30/2008 2:38:07 AM

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#5Safer_777Posted 12/30/2008 6:20:48 AM
There is another route you can follow to go inside that vault.
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#6StreetFighter10Posted 12/30/2008 6:24:25 AM
You sure you want to go to Murder Pass?! Doesn't sound like a nice place!

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#7ChronoKel11Posted 12/30/2008 6:29:55 AM
I dont know what you're talking about, sounds like a freakin awesome place.
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