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8 years ago#1

I decided to make a new game on the 'windows live' feature,the game ran ok,crashing every 30-60mins. I wasn't too bothered at first,then the crashes became more frequent and now it won't even let me load the game, just says 'fallout 3 has stopped working' and all the other crap that it says when another game crashes,i am running vista home premium,is this the cause? i know it gives me alot of **** with other games, farcry 2 crashes when minimized.call of duty 4 & 5 randomly crash once or twice while playing,the list goes on. so is it my crap OS doing it..or is it the game,i have googled this and others have the problem,i presume they are all vista users,instead of posting if you have the problem can you only post if you know a possible fix?

p.s. i will post setup later

8 years ago#2
I would love it if you could take a screenshot of the "fallout3 has stopped working" window and post it. I've been trying to replicate a similar error so I could take a screen of it myself, but I've so far had no success.
8 years ago#3
ok,will do! all i have to do is click load game :|
8 years ago#4
I don't think it's the operating system, as I run it on Windows Vista Home Premium 32-Bit and only get a crash to desktop occasionally.
8 years ago#5
8 years ago#6

okay,the game Only crashes like this when signed it on windows live,on my other game without windows live it still crashes every 10 or so mins

8 years ago#7
They probably put that in there on purpose, so later on they will bring out a patch and make you pay for it. ; )
8 years ago#8
same thing happens to me, but i tried saving without using quicksave every 10sec and i've been able to play fine. this never happened untill i updated to 1.1
8 years ago#9
Aw, the link to the picture gives me a "The action that you were trying to perform has failed" message...

Yeah, I had the same problem when going through the new content. The first time I played was 90 minutes of bug free fun, but after I stopped and picked it up again a few hours later, it was freeze and crash city. It seemed it kept on crashing as I was using VATS in certain areas of certain maps, it was so bizarre.
8 years ago#10
I get the exact same thing, but it isn't caused by the patch or Windows Live... I've had this problem even with the vanilla game. It's not horrible, because it only happens once ever 2 hours or so on average, and frequent quicksaving means I never lose more than 5-10 minutes of gameplay, but it is pretty annoying, especially since the game won't start properly right after it unless I reboot (or sometimes I just have to wait a while and it works again... it's weird).
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