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Your Top 10 Fallout 3 Weapons

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User Info: Runty_Grunty

8 years ago#1

Ah, nothing like a good gun to make traveling through the Capitol Wasteland a delightful, gory romp. Yet there are so many good guns, I just felt I had to list my favorites. These are the toys I put my character's life on when the chips are down. And no, I don't just think a weapon is good because of its damage. This list is based on the weapons I like the most.

And note that you guys saying my list sucks without good reason will only earn you my contempt. As fair warning, I'm not listing the Alien Blaster, Firelance, or the Experimental MIRV; those are cheapass guns.

10. Wazer Wifle - Somehow, I think this weapon and the kid you get it from were inspired by Elmer Fudd. *laughs oddly* Anyways, this unique Laser Rifle is very accurate, durable, and works wonders in VATS with the Concentrated Fire perk. Not as strong as, say, A3-21's Plasma Rifle, but definitely a keeper. Plus it's easy to obtain, provided you can make it all the way to Little Lamplight and have 500 caps. If so, you'll have a weapon that, with the right stuff, can rival even the stronger guns in the game.

9. Burnmaster - Extra crispy Yao Guai meat, anyone? This thing might not benefit from the Pyromaniac perk, but seems to have a built-in version of it anyways. Burnmaster takes a bit of a trip to reach, but is well worth the reward. Makes for a great close-combat weapon if you like Big Guns, and makes dealing with Deathclaws and Mirelurk Hunters far less painful. Only real flaw is that it isn't ACTUALLY considered a fire weapon.

8. Blackhawk - You guys hate me, I know. I don't disagree that Blackhawk is one of the most devastating Small Guns in the game. But I do just fine with other guns, and I always seem to obtain Blackhawk at a late time. Also, I've always been wary of how limited .44 Rounds are, and I tend to use other guns for long-range sniping. Still, this gun definitely deserves a spot on my list because it's so damn powerful, and can be so freaking cool to use. It'd be Revolver Ocelot's dream gun.

7. Vengeance - Facing a trio of Deathclaws and you don't have a Fat Man or MIRV? Whip out Vengeance and let'er rip. This thing has long range and hurts like crazy, but I only gave it a 7 because it breaks easily and finding more Gatling Lasers without killing Brotherhood guys is a chore. Still, going through Deathclaw Sanctuary to get this thing is worth every one of those gaping slash wounds from the Deathclaws. If you can get past its high requirements, this thing definitely is worth your time.

6. Tie: Xuanlong Assault Rifle or Sydney's 10mm "Ultra" SMG - Both of these guns are great, and I just couldn't decide which was better. Both are such excellent rapid-fire weapons, even once you reach level 20. The Xuanlong Assault Rifle is damn strong and an ideal weapon for Charon, while the Ultra SMG can unleash tons of lead for such a small package. Both are definitely worth your time, but as for which one... that's up to preference, IMO.

5. A3-21's Plasma Rifle - Easily obtained and freakin' devastating, A3-21's Plasma Rifle is a very stable weapon for any player's arsenal. I tend to get this thing early, but don't use it that frequently until the Enclave starts showing up. After that, this thing is to me what the M1 Garand is in Call of Duty: greatness! It's so very easy to get, ammo is extremely plentiful, and it's so very good for a low-level player.

4. Perforator - Sure, The Pitt was short, but you got some kickass gear out of it. Case in point: Perforator, the ultimate stealth-shooter's weapon. Combine it with the Chinese Stealth Armor, and get ready for some fun times. It has excellent criticals for an Assault Rifle, is very accurate, and pretty ammo-conservant (if you think about it). It never gets old sneaking up on some schmuck and plastering him and his buddies in the head without anyone knowing WTF is going on.

3. Jingwei's Shock Sword - Hands down, I say this is the best Melee Weapon in the game. You might have to kill one of the toughest mofos in the game to get it, but it's worth it, especially if you get the simulation version (which is unbreakable). I've spent hours now just sneaking around raider camps and caves, slicing through them like I'm Gray Fox. It's dirty, but it's so damn liberating...

2. Metal Blaster - Imagine if you will... you're playing on Very Hard, you're just waltzing around and you see a Deathclaw on the horizon. He doesn't see you, so you slip on your Chinese Stealth Suit or use a Stealth Boy, and tell your followers to hold back. You creep up on the Deathclaw, but you want to make sure you kill it in one shot, or it'll surely tear you a new one. You choose the Metal Blaster... DEATHCLAW = VAPORIZED!!! That's the Metal Blaster in a nutshell: a Laser Shotgun that makes Protectron's Gaze look like a BB Gun.

1. Gauss Rifle - If this gun were a hot chick... you get the picture. The Gauss Rifle is, simply, an amazing weapon. It squeezes more damage out of each round than any other gun (besides explosives), has insane range, and can blow away Super Mutant Masters like they're Radroaches. Even better if you get the simulation version (which is indestructible), this gun puts the Reservist's Rifle to shame. It's got some flaws, sure, but you can't deny its strengths, and that's why it's my favorite.


Alright, so that's my list. How about you?

List your Top 10 Fallout 3 guns and why.

User Info: DaLagga

8 years ago#2
Nice list, although...did you forget about Lincoln's Repeater? Arguably, it deserves the #1 spot on that list. It's 100% accurate, very easy to get, durable as hell, has high enough damage so that a sneak critical can sometimes 1hit kill a Deathclaw (if it doesn't kill, it leaves them with 1bar of hp so that all you have to do is sneeze on them) and will always 1hit kill a super mutant, it's ammo is fairly common considering how little you actually use, and it's one of the most easily repaired weapons in the game. Oh, and you don't have to blow $10 to get it either.

User Info: trunks76140

8 years ago#3
The repeater certainly is good, but this is a personal list so just because he likes the rifle better doesn't matter too much. Both are certainly good weapons, but not everyone likes one or the other...

User Info: Mesadoram

8 years ago#4
And note that you guys saying my list sucks without good reason will only earn you my contempt. As fair warning, I'm not listing the Alien Blaster, Firelance, or the Experimental MIRV; those are cheapass guns.

IDK about you but the MIRV is super expensive to use

*snare drum*

*sad face*

Anyways good list; I totally agree with ya on the gauss gun. Love that thing to death.
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User Info: XxLoUxX

8 years ago#5
Good list. I agree with most of it.
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User Info: HellFireXS

8 years ago#6
With out the Operation Acnhorage DLC I would also put Lincoln's Repeater as number 1, but once I got the Guass Rifle it is now my #1 gun, my #2 is the Xuanlong Assault Rifle and those (ammo willing) are the only 2 weapons I tend to use.
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User Info: XxLoUxX

8 years ago#7
Where do you find Lincoln's repeater?
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User Info: Runty_Grunty

7 years ago#8

XxLoUxX posted...
Where do you find Lincoln's repeater?
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In the Museum of History.

I didn't list Lincoln's Repeater because in actuality, Blackhawk is a stronger gun. It may have less shot capacity and has a slight spread, but it has a scope, faster firing rate, deals more damage, and has better criticals. Not to mention it's lighter.

User Info: SushiSquid

7 years ago#9
10) BB Gun - The ammo for it is rare and it does terrible damage to anything, but how could I not include your first weapon on the list?

9) Railway Rifle - It freaking whistles! Do I really need to explain more? It's not the most powerful weapon in the game and its ammo type is quite rare, but the Railway Rifle is far from weak. This thing pumps out spikes quickly, whistles, and can stick pieces of your enemies to walls. It also looks cool.

8) Lincoln's Repeater - Even with a slow rate of fire, no scope, and a rare ammo type, this weapon is still excellent. Besides its great power and accuracy, it is easily the only weapon that makes sense to use when cleaning out Paradise Falls.

7) The Mauler - Technically the Shishkabob with Pyromaniac still puts out more damage per second than the Mauler with Auto Axpert, but I don't know of any weapon that brings out that disgusting side of me better than this beast. I laugh and tear off pieces of my enemies as I reduce them to meaty chunks. Besides, this doesn't set off gas leaks anyway.

6) Blackhawk - Like Lincoln's Repeater, but technically better. It's also just as stylish, but in a different way. The slow rate of fire and lack of scope from Abe's toy are fixed here. Ammo for it is still rare and the gun takes a long quest to even get, but it's an exceptional weapon that any small guns enthusiast should always have on him.

5) A3-21's Plasma Rifle - Prior to the downloadable content, this was the energy weapon of choice. It can be gotten as early as level 3 (only because the experience from the quest forces you to level up) from a very short and easy quest. Ammo for it, while rare at first, becomes common after advancing in the main quest. The weapon has good damage output up to a medium range. However, far away shots are likely to miss because of the plasma's slow speed - one of this gun's only weaknesses.

4) Perforator - Although this gun has an unimpressive damage output, it's still both silent and scoped, letting you tease enemies from a range without getting spotted. Combining it with the Chinese Stealth Suit is fun at first, but like everything with the Chinese Cheap Suit, it gets old fast.

3) Gauss Rifle - Accurate and devastating from a long range, plus it's energy weapons' only sniper. It has a slow firing rate, but the high critical chance and powerful knockdown mean that even if a target somehow survives a single shot, he should be thrown down while you reload.

2) Frag Grenade - Yeah, that's right. I love these things. Plasma Grenades are obviously better, but much rarer. Besides that, with Demolition Expert III and high explosives, Frag Grenades do excellent damage to several enemies at once, even on Very Hard mode. They're also great when used in VATS; a registered hit explodes on contact, and a registered miss will usually still land close enough to explode for reduced damage. High damage and a large area of effect make Frag Grenades one of my favorite weapons.

1) Metal Blaster - This weapon fires nine searing beams of hot death at enemies in a shotgun spread. This makes it very powerful even though it limits the effective accuracy to medium range. In VATS mode, this only costs 17 AP per shot, making it an efficient killing machine. Out of VATS mode, the weapon is even more powerful, because every one of those nine beams can individually critical for the full bonus (27 damage, or 40.5 with Better Criticals). Sneak Attacks from it are devastating and will kill anything, and with 10 Luck, Finesse, and Survival Guru, normal shots already have a 27% chance on each beam to critical. From dust they are and to dust the Metal Blaster returns them. Always.

User Info: icewind0123

7 years ago#10
I didn't list Lincoln's Repeater because in actuality, Blackhawk is a stronger gun. It may have less shot capacity and has a slight spread, but it has a scope, faster firing rate, deals more damage, and has better criticals. Not to mention it's lighter.

The two actually deal identical damage during a critical (Repeater-50 base damage, 50 critical bonus, Blackhawk-55 base damage, 45 critical bonus). Since you'll be using both primarily for stealth criticals to one hit kill most opponents, its critical strikes that truly count.
The two also have identical critical multipliers (which determine the chance for a non-sneak critical to occur, and are independent of the bonus damage).

You've also neglected the all important repair field. The repeater is more durable, and can be repaired with lowly, and fairly common hunting rifles. Finding a magnum every time the Blackhawk needs some maintenance isn't quite as trivial as killing a raider for his rifle.
In practice, its difficult to maintain the Blackhawk at 100% repair. On the contrary, its quite easy to do the same for the Repeater.

I'll admit that the repeater's large clip isn't the biggest of advantages with its rate of fire, but being dead on accurate certainly helps farther away. Rate of fire is also not the biggest of issues with a sniper's weapon. The lack of a scope is a bit of a problem, and if your eye isn't sharp enough, I'm sure there are plenty of mods that scope it (I use one myself).

Finally, I must say the the quest required to get the Blackhawk is a quite a pain, making for a very average dungeon crawl and fetch. The Repeater is noticeably easier to find, featuring a shorter, less maze like dungeon, with more atmospheric lighting.
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