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7 years ago#1
Came back to this game after several months of not playing it, and decided to include mods this time around. FOOK2 and MMM to be exact. However, after a few minutes of playing the game crashes, usually during combat but not always. It happens again and again and I can't seem to fix it. "Fallout 3 has stopped working." Here's what I've tried so far;

1.) Looking up several different load orders - Failed.
2.) Several fresh reinstalls and starting up new games - Failed.
3.) Creating a merged patch and placing it at the bottom of my load order as instructed - Failed.
4.) Using the 3GB enabler - Failed.
5.) Removing MMM and getting the standalone versions of Increased Increased Spawns and Zone Respawn - Failed.
6.) Switching FOOK2 out with Classic Fallout Weapons and running that with MMM - Failed.
7.) Going into an empty building and waiting 5 days. - Failed.
8.) Setting the video options to "Low" - Failed.

I should also mention that I've patched up to 1.7. I have all the DLC, and when using fook2 and MMM I was using the compatibility patch found on the fook2 page. My graphics driver is up to date.

Anything I missed, or perhaps some suggestions to try out to resolve this issue? Thanks in advance.
7 years ago#2
SAVING STATES is usually issue DISABLE all save on rest save on travel etc
Save every 30 minutes a clean save if you get a bad area disable ALL MODS load game then make a clean save, If it then allows you DELETE AUTOSAVE, and QUICKSAVE (you can do this in LOAD then right click) then make a new clean quicksave restart game with mods play clean saved spot

(unfortunatly disabling all mods you can loose any loot you got in them)


If you keep getting save errors in a specific area DON'T save anywhere in that area go find an interior area and save there and then delete any old QUICKSAVE OR AUTOSAVE and save fresh

AS LONG AS GAME is not autosaving along way you should not get a crash (bug deals with the SAVE feature usually)
7 years ago#3
The game isn't saving when it crashes though, it usually happens out in the open and disabling increased increased spawns seems to make it happen less frequently. Unless you're trying to say that the autosave feature is corrupting is somehow and making it more prone to crash?
7 years ago#4
CRASHING - DOES NOT always occur when the crash happens the error is usually as you enter a new region and a save occurs, it only gets affected when you try to save AFTER THAT as in auto-resaves or quicksave (or even regular save) you can actually play for quite a long time till you attempt to save and then the game crashes

to find out if you hit a bad spot you try to save then WHAMMO game shuts down however like I pointed out the error could have actually occurred earlier as you entered a new cell

To reduce that probability of error disabling the AUTO - Save feature on new regions reduces the SAVE amounts that the game automatically saves from time to time.

(reg crashes are different story though usually when a cell loads, if this is case reduce resolution or reduce game to 'windowed' mode or clear MODS list except for primary mods and do What I said before
7 years ago#5
I tried out your advice and no luck, still several crashes. Messing around with the mods it seems to be the increased spawn mod that's causing it to crash, as I disabled it and reset the cells and then could freely walk around with no crashes. I've tried both the one included in MMM and the standalone one to no avail. Any ideas what's up? I'd like to get the mod working as it makes it more enjoyable/challenging, but as it is the constant crashing isn't worth it.
7 years ago#6
Oh yeah the other error is MODS -disable them make a clean save - reenable them
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