Can't install DLC.

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7 years ago#1
I just bought the GOTY edition and am having some trouble installing the DLC disk. I'm running on Vista over all requirements, and the game without any expansions runs fine, but when I try to insert the other disk, nothing comes up. My computer freezes. Even if I do manage to run the set-up, an error message pops up upon trying to run the game.

Help is appreciated. Thanks.
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7 years ago#2
I had the same problem trying to install the dlc disk. Try opening the disk then on the set up, right click on it and choose "run as administrator" and wait for abit. It takes abit longer for it to load and get the set up screen. I waited for around 2 minutes or so or less I think before it came up for me. For some reason, I waited for almost an hour for everything to get installed on the dlc too.
7 years ago#3
Got the disk to run, but after it finished it said it didn't install correctly. Running the game gave some sort of error to do with ordinal 5460.
Excellent reasoning, troll smurf. Now go eat some sperm.
7 years ago#4
I got that too. It seem Fallout 3 depends on Windows Live (GFWL for short) stands for Games for Windows Live. It's a sort of xbox live thingy for PC where you can buy dlc and download stuff just like you would in an xbox 360 and lets you gain achievement points on your pc games that can be added to your actual xbox 360 gamertag score points. If I was wrong somewhere there, please feel free to correct me as this was the first time I've known of GFWL when I was installing Fallout 3 today.

From what I have read from the faqs here, you need to update your GFWL. If you're not familiar with GFWL, I believe Fallout 3 installs it on your system automatically when you install Fallout 3 as I don't remember installing GFWL myself and I found it on my programs folder. I have not done this part.

I just uninstalled GFWL and used the FOSE mod. The mod makes it so that Fallout 3 don't depend on GFWL everytime it launches so you can launch Fallout 3 without going through xbox live. This is not recommended though if you are after the achievement points for your gamertag on your 360 from what I heard. Those are the 2 options I know of so far that you can try.

I'm sorry if this post got you more confused but I believe you'll understand if you search GFWL or FOSE on this board for topics as those explain both better. That's how I knew about those.
7 years ago#5
sorry for the double post. Here's the link on a topic who had the same problem as you.
7 years ago#6
GFWL is not required to run the game at all...only bother to install it if you care about achievements etc..
7 years ago#7
Second on that. I don't have Windows live on my desktop, it's not even connected to the internet, and I was able to install the game and the DLC from the GOTY edition just fine. In the interest of full disclosure, though, I am running on XP, not vista.
7 years ago#8
I got mine working. It takes a LONG time for the setup to start. Just be patient. Like real patient, took 5 minutes for the program to do anything after I started it.
7 years ago#9
I'm running on Vista so that's probably why I got the error. I didn't have any problem running the vanilla game. The error appeared right after I installed all the GOTY dlcs. Please note that this was the first time I installed fallout 3 too on my pc so I was basically installing the GOTY edition which I suspect also installeds the GFWL program as I was pretty sure I didn't install such a thing before. It didn't also help when I uninstalled GFWL as it gave me another error not finding the xlive.dll something file. Being fully tired of this bs run around on trying to play the game, I decided to use the FOSE mod and it fixed it for me.
7 years ago#10
im about to get mad. every time i try to run the installer and it freezez and said explorer not responding and it restarts. can some one plz help me i didnt waste money on this for it not to work. what should i do any installers. i got the latest update
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