Fallout 3 will not start. WILL NOT start.

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6 years ago#1
Yes, hello. Remember that guy who said the launcher told him "Fallout 3 does not appear to be installed and the installer could not be found" ? Remember how you called him a pirating POS? Well I'll tell you folks that pirating was not the problem for 3-4 months ago a day after playing Fallout 3, I tried to launch. It gave me the same BS. I own the game. I bought it.

Now what will you say?
6 years ago#2

Well! I wasn't here then. I have posted info on fallout's problems with links to oldblivion.com. It was there that I was made aware I could even "get the thing to start", much less run.

It took tweaks to the .ini and PREFS in Fallouts Games folder. Another thing is Windows live and the .net framework which needs to be updated and the most important d3d9 .dll patch and lowering the settings located in the start-up splash. All done to get the thing to start a new game.




I'll never doubt your posts again, I swear.

6 years ago#3
Could you please explain what the d3d9.dll does, where to put it, etc.
Also, I have the newest .net framework
I am not that guy who said that but what I meant to say was I have the same problem as him.
What do I do?
6 years ago#4


I accidentally called it d3d9 and not d3dx9. I is part of direct x that sometimes does not get packed into the games software.

It is a part of Windows and Wines Direct X api and Direct3D exposes the advanced graphics capabilities of 3D graphics hardware, including z-buffering, anti-aliasing, alpha blending, mipmapping, atmospheric effects, and perspective-correct texture mapping.

If you put it in the Fallout 3 main folder you should be all right.

6 years ago#5

One thing it (d3dx9.dll) does do is prevent crashes due to contact with giant ants, NPCs and certain areas which conflict with whatever Bethesda did or didn't do when they wrote the program. Before I put that file in my folder I would crash whenever an ant would breathe on me. (No, it's truly what happened). Whether this is a tweaked .dll or a part of an earlier DirectX update is anybody's guess.

6 years ago#6
If you get an error that says it fails to start
go to Microsoft,com
click 'windows updates' (or if they change it find 'windows updates' make sure all primary files are installed like newer service packs, Net framework (this is mandatory for fallout 3) and so on

AND especially direct X 9.0c or newer

some files may have newer or older updates depending on your OS

XP service pack 1 and 2 may stop to be supported soon so watch out you may have to have at least sp3 of XP
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