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5 years ago#1

My game crashes at the same location everytime I try to enter it, from any direction (The Mall). Everything else works fine, absolutely everything else. I've tried numerous fixes shown all over the place, but nothing helps. I know I've probably done something wrong in posting this here, but I can't find any way to fix it!


5 years ago#2
Are you running any mods?
5 years ago#3

Oh, sorry. Yes, I'm running some mods; all the expansions and patches as well as Fallout Wanderer's Edition, Mart's Mutant Mod, CRAFT & CALIBR, Fellout, Weapon Mod Kits, Better Caravans and Companions, Repair Rethought Reborn, Owned, ACE (Advanced Combat Emulator?), Existence and More Where That Came From. And a merged patch. Maybe I have too many, as some of them can have about 5 .esps with it, but I'm not sure the amount is the problem. Truthfully, it only just occurred to me to check the readmes and troubleshooting for the larger mods that could be causing the problem. I'll see if that comes up with anything.

5 years ago#4
You could also post your load order here, see if we can spot any obvious problems.

Generally speaking, though, it's common to find that the more mods you have, the less stable your game becomes.
5 years ago#5
Turn off all your mods, load your game that check if still crashes. If don't, activate 1 or 2 of your favorite mods and keep trying until you find the culprit.
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5 years ago#6

I've found that the problem resides with Mart's Mutant Mod (thanks Shaidon for the method). Not sure what the problem is, if you know that'd be amazing, but I can play without it.

Thanks for the help!

5 years ago#7
Sorry pal, I'm not fond of big mods that I don't know how many things it changes. Fallout 3 is already too unstable with my multi-core PC to increase my headache with tons of big mods.
The unofficial patch for example, it broke the game more than it fixes. I'm only playing the official DLCs and my mod.

But you might have a chance if you go to the comment area of that mod and see if someone got the answer. If not, add you issue there, the more polite as possible. =)
50% of the challenge is made by the game. The other fifty, by the player.
5 years ago#8
It's probably not just MMM by itself; it's likely a conflict with another mod. I suggest you leave MMM on and turn the others off, trying them one by one to see if you can figure out where the conflict is.

I'm sure it's not that you have too many mods (I have around 120 .esm/.esp files loaded through FOMM). Either another mod is conflicting, or your load order is incorrect.

In case it helps, out of the mods you have, I also have FWE, MMM, C&C (installed through the latest FWE, not the standalone versions), Fellout, and WMK. My setup is pretty stable, and I only usually get crashes when too many modded things happen at once (I have everything from enhanced weather, altered visuals, iron sight aiming, a new save system, and much more), which doesn't happen too often. My most common error is funky textures/meshes on new items, but that doesn't crash the game.
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