Looking for challenging, fun playthrough. (adding mods and class build)

#1sirwilliam0101Posted 4/23/2012 11:02:07 AM(edited)
I've played through fallout like 4 times but not for about 2 years.

Any tips for a challenging playthrough? (any and all mods welcome)

I want to play through with a really high speech
Possibly melee. Had a blast in NV
Maybe hand to hand, though there's mods with guns,guns,guns

If you have tips with the mods, let me know, to say there is a plethora would bed an understatement.

Got a gtx 580 so the sky is the limit with textures and overhauls, though there a few that will not run side by side.
#2Stevenz_So_FlyPosted 5/10/2012 9:35:25 AM
Fallout Wanderers Edition was made to not only make the game more realistic buy also challenging. It increases damage between players and enemies so that it doesn't take 10 shots to kill someone and vice versa. You also have to deal with hunger, thirst, etc.
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#3GalluszPosted 5/10/2012 11:53:32 AM
Arefu expansion mod is pretty good