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Anybody else miss the difficulty that came from this game? (Archived)looselink18/30 9:50PM
Here's to the Old Times (Archived)LadySimaZhongda17/2 10:31PM
When does it start getting harder?? (Archived)dumpling321411/2 2:46AM
siege of ueda castle WTF!!!! (Archived)dumpling321110/27 11:56AM
Counter (Archived)Hellacia110/20 4:18AM
PSV file please! (Archived)Rise_Against_Ex27/27/2014
It's been a long time, Samurai Warriors board. (Archived)ff7perfection35/31/2014
Why can't the missions just show up? (Archived)narutofanlover23/10/2014
Farming trick for the strongest weapons (Archived)JusticeZero110/25/2013
all these years (element questions) (Archived)lenmutt19/19/2013
Voice talent (Archived)lenmutt79/18/2013
Hello Guys (Archived)
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question, also other stuff too! (Archived)cylink12345678919/6/2013
SainTweeter (geese) and ff7perfection (Archived)Jaro2359/4/2013
Any vids or sound clips of Mitsuhide's new XL voice? (Archived)kirbytoo15/19/2013
Has the unlockable edit character new body models? (Archived)Nightcrawler8655/18/2013
I'm dreading SW4. (Archived)SaintTweeter33/24/2013
Need help improving my characters overall and the game- Masters! I request you! (Archived)MonarchPaulos12/5/2013
Lu Bu- getting him with Pro Action Replay, can I do it without losing my CAW #2 (Archived)MonarchPaulos31/29/2013
Best STAGE in Samurai Warriors to train on/get best EXP in a FAST way? (Archived)MonarchPaulos31/23/2013
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