Medius Error 2

#1CheckedItPosted 4/30/2012 10:07:29 AM
Anyone else unable to connect? Did they finally shut these servers down?
#2Citan22Posted 4/30/2012 6:40:49 PM
that'd be too bad if they did.. i just got the game 2 days ago haha
#3Citan22Posted 5/3/2012 8:38:12 PM
so.. was that just a one-time thing or are servers officially down now? i've been playing the single player for a few nights now, but havent gotten around to digging out my network adapter to check out multiplayer.
#4Azuma_NarooNPosted 5/8/2012 2:40:21 PM
No idea. Last time I got on was in January this year, and they were still up. I did hear a rumor from a friend that they finally shut them down. Would suck. Don't see why they would since people still went on, and the Socom servers are still up and they're also run by Sony.
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#5Azuma_NarooNPosted 5/31/2012 6:45:23 PM
Update: Turns out they did indeed finally shut the servers down. The SOCOM servers will also be shut down later in August.
"Azuma ninja!!" - Random guards in Tenchu series
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#6Kashmir75Posted 6/6/2012 3:50:19 AM
That's too bad. I LOVE the MP in Killzone 1.

I really wish they'd hurry up with the PSN HD version of the game, and i wish they'd include the multiplayer with it.

I have the game disc for PS2 still, but I'd rather play KZ1 on my HD television, with my ergonomic PS3 controller, not the clunkier PS2 one.

I like the campaign in KZ1 better than the sequels, too. I prefer the weapon designs in the first one, and the characters. I just can't care about Sev or any of the guys in the sequels.
#7Azuma_NarooNPosted 6/7/2012 9:26:41 PM
I agree with everything you just said. People think I'm crazy when I tell them that KZ1 is still the best one in the series (Liberation was good as well). I'd play KZ1 any day over KZ2 or 3.
"Azuma ninja!!" - Random guards in Tenchu series
"Hahahahahahaha" - Mara Aramov