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User Info: TaiyoYuden2010

8 years ago#1
Which Wild Arms game on the Playstation 2 is the best? Wild Arms Alter Code: F, Wild Arms 3, Wild Arms 4, or Wild Arms 5? Could you rank them in order from favorite to least favorite?

User Info: WindMouseHanpan

8 years ago#2
Wild ARMs 3, Wild ARMs: Alter Code F, Wild ARMs 5, Wild ARMs 4.

And WA 4 isn't bad by any means, I love all the WA games almost equally really. But if I had to put them in order, that'd be it.
I am Hanpan the wind mouse from Wild Arms and Wild Arms: Alter Code F!

User Info: Dark Wyvern

Dark Wyvern
8 years ago#3
My personal order ...

Wild ARMs: Alter Code F
Wild ARMs 5
Wild ARMs 4
Wild ARMs 3

ACF is the clear winner, with 5 being very good as well. I put 4 and 3 on par with each other, they are both very different but both very good games in their own rights.

All worth playing

User Info: Jati_no_Rei

8 years ago#4
mine is the same as WMHanpan's. WA3 FTW!
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User Info: 84367856

8 years ago#5
Wild ARMS 3>Wild ARMS XF>Wild ARMS ACF<Wild ARMS 5>Wild ARMS 4

don't know about 2
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User Info: solidine

8 years ago#6
I always liked the second one, but ACF was really good too.
I wasn't a big fan of 4. Aside from not being in the Wild West meets fantasy world I love so much, the entire game reeked of corn. That said, the hex system was kinda cool, though personally I preffer the ACF anf WA3 combat system, even if it is outdated. It just felt right for the series.
Haven't played 5 yet though. Gotta work on that. I should also pick up the original off the Playstation store, since it's 6 bucks and I can't find ACF anywhere.

User Info: FonFabrE

8 years ago#7
Wild Arms: 2nd Ignition (from Ps1 just need to include)
Wild Arms: Alter Code F
Wild Arms: 4th Detonator
Wild Arms: 5th Vanguard
Wild Arms; 3

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User Info: Shadow Reaver

Shadow Reaver
8 years ago#8
i almost have to completely agree with Dark Wyvern except i do not believe 3 & 4 are on par with each other i believe 4 is a better game.
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