Was like a scary game of hide n seek.

#1Lucasdar7Posted 8/14/2013 1:25:45 PM
Spooky creepy atmosphere. Gritty grainy graphics that added to the tension. Believable worlds and graphics. There were times Id get caught up looking around at the scenery and get hacked to death by a monster. This was, imo, one of the best and overlooked horror games on the ps2. You even cared for the characters after awhile. Ok, not entirely true. Sometimes, just getting a character shot to death over and over was rather satisfying.

The entire game was like a scary game of hide n seek. If you were found, you were good as dead. Patience was a virtue. Who knew hiding in a closet for ten minutes could be so much fun!
#2masked_yazooPosted 8/20/2013 1:35:37 AM
Siren is the only survival horror game that I consider the Embodiment of Fear.
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Right on!