This is the most amazing survival horror game ever.

#1xenosaga123Posted 11/10/2013 6:58:51 PM
The most realistic characters (that express most human emotions, character interaction, and authentic fear), the most brilliant story, the most rewarding challenges, the most atmospheric locations, the scariest enemies, the largest set of main playable characters, and plot elements that are a mature and deep puzzle in itself. Even the things done in the missions are more organic and more practical than the usual survivor horror games where it feels like all the puzzles are artificial and there for the sake of having puzzles. This is so hardcore, that people sick of the dumbed down games these days should really play this for high but fair difficulty and intense fear and true darkness. :) Siren (PS2) is the definition of true survival horror in the genre.
#2HellishAbyssPosted 11/13/2013 6:09:28 PM
You basically took the words right out of my mouth. siren is an absolute masterpiece.I own almost the entire genre except for a couple ones which i am still trying to get my hands on.I beat them all by their hardest difficulty,best rankings,challenge runs,etc. and siren is hands down in my top 3. For me though the greatest would have to go to resident evil outbreak by very hard nightmare mode. There's only one thing i would have added to siren and that would have been to add a inventory system for item management. Item management is such a crucial part to the survival horror experience and sadly that feature is missing from almost all games part of the genre.On another note i finally got myself all the stuff needed to play forbidden siren 2 which i have been dying to play for the past 7 years which they failed to release here in the US.I just have to wait for my pal ps2 to arrive and im set.i spent a small fortune getting just this one game but i know its going to be worth it,hopefully its a top notch masterpiece like the original because i cant take another blood curse.