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I accidently my enemy health bars (Archived)Videogamechamp41/15/2010
"Jade Empire sequel in limbo." (Archived)
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Both Dawn Star and Silk fox as a closed fist female. (Archived)Giga-Ryu21/15/2010
So playing this for the first time. *spoilers* (Archived)yutterh51/15/2010
ATTN: Hello_Guys (Archived)OgesMC11/8/2010
Styles allow for bland boss fights- (Archived)mcmeister9951/4/2010
question for the people who downloade this game on the market place!!!!!!! (Archived)pilantra2000111/30/2009
Does the 360 downloadable marketplace version include Special Edition features? (Archived)styrix311/27/2009
Movies/TV/Cartoons Similar To Jade Empire? (Archived)darthmunky111/16/2009
Thinking of doing a... (Archived)Hello_Guys811/11/2009
question about leveling abilities (Archived)Heri_turIa_Heru411/11/2009
Are there any other kung fu RPGs out there? (Archived)ash-122211/9/2009
Fighting flaws. (SPOILERS) (Archived)Charles_Atlas611/9/2009
Great game, but I have a grievance (Archived)
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Just ordered the LIMITED EDITION game, complete, for $6.36 shipped. (Archived)Games1221610/29/2009
in Spirit Thief, does increasing duration increase the amount of chi absorbed? (Archived)Heri_turIa_Heru210/24/2009
Grand Master Mode (Archived)Mr Penguin 007310/22/2009
stuck in the beginning of Dirge (Archived)RionCrono310/22/2009
Running On 360 (Archived)Bowser05410/16/2009
think I just had a menage a trois (Archived)chandarath19/27/2009
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