FFX-2 Int+LM patch released

#51pbirdman(Topic Creator)Posted 3/25/2013 11:46:08 AM
Okay try this
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#52ningyo099Posted 3/25/2013 11:49:14 AM
That one works. I'll post up a mirror direct link shortly.
#53PalmipeNeppurPosted 3/25/2013 11:54:17 AM
omg i just saw your new message pbirdman!
I'm download it right now!! it looks like it's working! it's taking 4 minutes :D
Now I can't wait to see if I can finally play the game in English! :D
#54sorashemhazPosted 3/25/2013 11:59:36 AM
pbirdman, i can download as well, thanx again for this happy happy day, i love you, will post when the patching is finished
#55GeneralRaidenPosted 3/25/2013 11:59:55 AM
Thank you pbirdman! Gosh, now I have another game added to my backlog to play...and I have finals coming up in a couple months. P3 FES, FFXII Int and now this. At least I can look forward to finally getting to play in english.
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#56theonedangerousPosted 3/25/2013 12:01:15 PM
Thank you so much! Am currently patching - will let you know if I run into any trouble ;)
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#57thienliPosted 3/25/2013 12:02:49 PM
Wow, FINALLY!!! Thanks for all your hard works so far.
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#58KarifeanPosted 3/25/2013 12:14:15 PM
Just finished patching the iso file, gonna try and burn it to a DVD-R and try it in my PS2 now. I'll post again (or just edit this post) shortly.
#59drsw36Posted 3/25/2013 12:15:24 PM
Thank you for everything!
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#60pbirdman(Topic Creator)Posted 3/25/2013 12:18:01 PM(edited)
If you have an emulator - maybe try on that first just to make sure it works before wasting DVDs

Anyway - it worked for me so I don't see it being different for other people
It works on XP and Windows 8 so again Windows 7 and Vista shouldn't warrant any problems

Anyway hope it works and hope you guys enjoy
Hopefully we can see some proper topics on here again now

Any problems i'll be back tomorrow night

EDIT: Oh and if you can spare the time read the Notes document as it will tell mainly whats been done and any outstanding issues
My UCG: http://www.scribd.com/doc/86352624/FFX-Ultimate-Companion-Guide-v1-0
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